Did Ray Rice say 49ers' Anthony Davis was off base with Schiano comments?

BY foxsports • April 16, 2013

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice stung Anthony Davis over comments the San Francisco 49ers guard made about their college coach, Greg Schiano. Davis signed a seven-year contract extension worth nearly $37 million last week. After inking the lucrative deal, Davis slammed current Bucs head man Schiano, who coached him at Rutgers. “Schiano didn’t do s—,” Davis told NFL Draft Bible. “He like, breaks your confidence down. That’s his idea of molding guys, by breaking their confidence down. But really, without confidence, you’ve got a s— team. And I feel like, what he’s doing, I thought it was because I was young and I just didn’t appreciate what he was doing, but now that I’m a little older, I just realize that his plan is not working. And I think he’s going to start finding that out soon enough.” One week later, Davis’ former teammate Ray Rice defended Schiano and said that the Niners guard was “just talking freely.” “I don’t think that when you’re that good of a player, that a coach has to develop you,” Rice told FOXSports.com in an interview at a Call of Duty Grudge Match event in Santa Monica. “You almost end up developing yourself and he’s a great player. There’s a reason why you sign an extension and not have to wait for too long, a team thinks that highly of you.” Schiano is known for structure and discipline. He puts the accountability on the players’ shoulders and is a big believer in doing things the right way. “Anthony Davis was just speaking out freely on how he felt, but I know coach Schiano is a great person and he’s a great family man,” Rice said. “That’s what we stood by at Rutgers. They’ll both continue to have great careers. “I don’t think there’s any hate or anything involved, I just think Anthony Davis has found himself.”

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