Derek Dooley Slams Vandy in Post-Game Locker Room Celebration

Derek Dooley Slams Vandy in Post-Game Locker Room Celebration

Published Nov. 20, 2011 12:00 a.m. ET

Saturday Tennessee beat Vanderbilt 27-21 in overtime. It was an emotional win for the Vols, who had previously been winless in the SEC. So emotional, evidently, that the team lifted Derek Dooley skyward while chanting his name in a post-game locker room celebration -- Dooley punching the T on the ceiling is destined for Internet immortality. The last time Tennessee was this excited after a win the Vols had just claimed the 1998 national title.

When things calmed down Dooley applauded the team for not quitting. More chanting ensued, perhaps some white men danced, the video is unclear. And then Dooley took the floor once more to drive the dagger deep in to Vanderbilt's gut. "The one thing that Tennessee always does is kick the shit out of Vandy," Dooley said.

Which is, to be fair, a completely true statement.



I'm not sure that a six-point overtime win classifies as "kick(ing) the shit out of Vandy," but that's mere semantics.

This video, initally uploaded by YouTube user, 1dreamsports, who appears to be involved in recruiting, stayed up on YouTube for a very short amount of time before it was taken down. But it wasn't taken down before several OKTC readers emailed us the link. One of those tippees recorded the YouTube video with his own phone. 

Voila, the video below.  

According to 1dreamsports website, UT recently received a commitment from one of their kids, Rivals three star safety Keithon Redding

It seems likely that Redding or another recruit was in the locker room and someone at 1dreamsports was surreptitiously filming on a phone.

Is talk like this abnormal in a locker room? Certainly not. But does it usually get out without being vetted by the school? Nope.

So, enjoy.

If nothing else, Dooley punching the T on the ceiling while being born aloft by his team -- still wearing the fleece and hair still intact! -- after the Vols beat Vanderbilt at home in overtime is absolute gold.