Daniels: Rangers 'not trying to be the Yankees'

BY foxsports • February 3, 2011

Jon Daniels has a message for anyone who think that the Texas Rangers' offseason spending is a return to their high-payroll days of years past.

After throwing out nine-figure offers in a bid to retain Cliff Lee, the Rangers raised more eyebrows when they signed third baseman Adrian Beltre to a six-year, $96 million contract.

Despite that, the Rangers' general manager maintains that the club won't be looking to break the bank each season like a certain team on the East Coast.

"We are not trying to be the Yankees," Daniels said in an interview on KTCK-AM 1310. "Our goal is not to compete at that level. That is not sustainable, and that is not smart business to get out over our skis again."

What is clear, though, is that club is in much better financial position than in years past with new owners Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan in charge. Daniels conceded that the days of fretting over payroll likely are over.

"Well, as compared to being in bankruptcy. I think we are in good shape," Daniels said. "We haven

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