Daily Buzz: Twinsanity takes over a high school basketball team

BY Sam Gardner • January 21, 2014

On average, twins account for about one in every 30 births in the United States, but “Twinsanity” has taken over at one high school in Pittsburgh, where the boys basketball team features three sets of identical twins — and a pair of fraternal twins, to boot.

The Allderdice High School roster has identical twins at nearly every level, with sophomores Tim and James Jackson, juniors Kenny and Keith Robinson and seniors Davaughn and Javaughn Moultrie all on the Dragons varsity squad.

It’s not so tough for coach Buddy Valinsky to tell each tandem apart during games, when they all wear numbers, but when it comes to practice, forget it.

“With the Moultries, Javaughn is a lefty. So, thank God for that,” Valinsky told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I’m starting to tell the Robinsons apart. But the Jacksons, I can’t tell the difference between them unless I see their uniform numbers. They’re bookends. They do everything alike. They even play alike.”

There’s a fourth set of twins in the Dragons program, senior point guard Juwan Ledbetter, and his brother Jalen. But the Ledbetters aren’t identical, and Jalen can usually be found on the bench, where he keeps the team’s scorebook, rather than on the court.

All of the confusion might drive most coaches insane, but at Allderdice, it’s not a problem. Valinsky joked to the Post-Gazette that more twins means fewer parents to deal with, and if nothing else, his team has no excuse for low team chemistry — something evidenced by its 10-2 record on the year.

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