Cristiano Ronaldo's new girlfriend might be hotter than his famous ex

BY Andre Vergara • November 19, 2015

When Cristiano Ronaldo split with model Irina Shayk, his agent did what any good agent would do: He helped the soccer star find a new flame.

Who just happens to be his daughter.

Yes, Ronaldo reportedly is dating the daughter of his agent, Jorge Mendes. No idea if Mendes had anything to do with Ronaldo hooking up with his 24-year-old daughter Maria, but the two are very close — Ronaldo was the best man at Mendes' wedding and gave him a Greek island as a present.

Still, you know what they say: Never mix business and pleasure. Seems like Jorge Mendes has a lot riding on this relationship, and whether his daughter can make the 30-year-old player settle down.

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