Comment of the Day comes from Wayne Jorgensen

Comment of the Day comes from Wayne Jorgensen

Published Dec. 15, 2013 8:45 a.m. ET

As Sam Amico put it, "it was the world against the Cavs in Miami on Saturday, and the Cavs almost won."

While the end result was the same, unlike the last meeting between LeBron James and his former team, the Cavaliers looked good. They played hard and fought to the end, nearly upsetting the defending NBA Champs, as Sam pointed out in his post-game column "Even in defeat, Cavaliers giving sudden reasons to believe". Here's proof - in today's Comment of the Day, from reader Wayne Jorgensen:

When the Cavs came into this game I was only hoping
for two things. One,
they would play hard. Two, they would play smart. And I have to say
they definitely played hard, and they played smart pretty much a lot of
the game for a young team. Overall I felt the team has progressed well
over the last two weeks and you can see them building

the only thing is they need to build on top of this and keep moving
forward. The oddity in this situation is that over Bynum the last two
games has provide next to nothing offensively, but we're still doing

Well put, Wayne. Thanks for the great comment!

Looks like Sam Amico isn't the only believer. What say you, Cavs fans?