Chopcast: Spring storylines to follow

BY foxsports • February 12, 2013

There are just too many to count.

Spring storylines litter the Braves roster (as well as the rest of baseball) and as catchers and pitchers begin their routines of throwing and stretching and playing practical jokes on one another, the Chopcast team—Zach Dillard, Jay Clemons and Cory McCartney—decided to discuss the names and places it is most looking forward to seeing in Orlando.

Without further ado, here are the highlights of Tuesday's show (and be sure to subscribe on iTunes):

1:00: With departure just days away, the team kicks off by documenting Jay's packing techniques and real reasoning behind the spring training schedules.

3:30: For the 17th time (or so it seems) this offseason, the team breaks down the third base position battle. This comes as little surprise: its the most discussed and open position on the team's roster. Don't expect this argument to go away any time soon.

6:45: How do you define success in spring training for hitters? The spring offers such a small sample size that numbers are hard to decypher, so what should scouts, coaches and fans look for?

10:10: How does Julio Teheran look? Last spring, the 22-year-old struggled from the outset, so can he come out this month and immediately start building the confidence he'll need this season?

12:00: The middle of the infield is a point of discussion, as Andrelton Simmons takes over the leadoff spot (while also juggling World Baseball Classic responsibilities) and Dan Uggla looks to get back on track.

13:40: Simmons, Albert Pujols and Denard Span are used in the same sentence right around this time.

15:50: Evan Gattis' name has popped up on the Braves' radars of late with his power hitting potential, but with the outfield set, what is the franchise going to do with the 26-year-old going forward?

19:10: Quick media discussion on the intricacies on covering spring training.

20:27: The bullpen is loaded, but how will Fredi Gonzalez and his staff utilize it during the exhibitions?

21:55: What Freddie Freeman will we see during the spring? The team's promising first baseman fell off with an eye injury last season, so how healthy is he?

25:30: Is the Chopcast qualified (or smart enough) to come up with a new baseball metric? (Hint: unlikely.)

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