Cheerleaders slapped with fine

BY Sam Gardner • September 30, 2013

There’s a time and a place for police officers to be aggressive, B-E aggressive — but generally speaking, a cheerleading performance isn’t one of them.

That concept didn’t seem to apply, however, to one cranky Canadian cop, who ticketed a university cheer captain for allowing his team to cheer on the way to a football game.

According to the Toronto Star, University of Western Ontario cheer squad captain Max Gow received a citation and was fined $140 by London, Ontario, police Saturday.

His crime? Three male members of the Mustangs cheer squad stopped to toss a female cheerleader into the air along Broughdale Avenue on the way to the team's homecoming game against Queen’s University.

According to the report, the four cheerleaders began their routine in a parking lane along the road, which was "lined with purple-clad Western students." Cheerleading coach David-Lee Tracey told the paper that the ticket claimed that the cheerleaders were “causing a nuisance in the street by conducting a cheerleading performance.”

“Since when is it against the law to yell your school name?” Tracey told the Star, telling the paper the ticket was "the single dumbest act" he had seen in 33 years as the squad's coach.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid,” Tracey added. “ ‘Go ’Stangs Go, Go ’Stangs Go,’ is now a public offense.”

Tracey said the team plans to challenge the ticket. In the meantime, the Mustangs cheerleaders will keep rooting the team to victory. Western Ontario won Saturday’s game 50-31 to move to 6-0 on the year.

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