Cortez Lewis
CFB AM: Watch Cortez Lewis, maybe the greatest hand-shaker ever
Cortez Lewis

CFB AM: Watch Cortez Lewis, maybe the greatest hand-shaker ever

Published Aug. 17, 2015 11:45 a.m. ET

Cortez Lewis is a redshirt freshman receiver at Wake Forest who, more importantly, might just be the greatest hand-shaker of all time.

Lewis has more than 50 different handshakes with members of the football program, which he unleashes flawlessly as he walks from meeting rooms to the cafeteria to the practice field to a coach's office. No matter where Cortez Lewis is, it's the appropriate time and place for a sweet handshake.

Wake Forest released the video at the top a few days ago, which many of you probably missed over the weekend and have to take a few minutes to watch.

I wondered what Cortez's major is while watching this, because anybody who can remember 50 different personalized combinations of handshakes has an impressive mind, but it's not listed on his school bio.


I'm just gonna guess computer science or something that combines the words "dynamics" and "engineering" in some form, in which case, Cortez, we have a simple question: Why the hell are you playing football at Wake Forest and not, like, building robotic tanks that we can send into warzones instead of soldiers? (Cortez's response, probably: Bro, my thesis will be done in three months. Chill.)

Enjoy the video.


1. Cardale Jones isn't down with a two-QB system

Ohio State held its media day on Sunday, and of course the primary topic of discussion was the quarterback battle. Urban Meyer said both Cardale Jones and J.T. Barrett are close in the race -- which is what you'd expect him to say -- and offered nothing else really noteworthy. The one who did say something noteworthy, to nobody's surprise, was Jones, who is not in favor of a two-quarterback system, however the QB battle plays out. "In a two-quarterback system, let's say I'm on the field for three plays and I'm off the field and he runs a drive or something like that; I don't know how well that would work as far as rhythm and developing timing with the guys," he said Sunday.

Barrett isn't really a fan either, saying, "As a quarterback, that is kind of rough to do. You don't have a rhythm, you don't get a vibe from the defense and how they are trying to play us. You are not playing the quarterback as an individual. You are playing an offense." And so the most highly debated position battle of the fall rages on.

Meanwhile, Braxton Miller's work at wide receiver is well underway, as he's making improvements in his route-running and creating new options for Meyer. Braxton is gonna continue to throw if only so Meyer can have fun with some trick plays.

In other OSU quarterback news, freshman Torrance Gibson is switching to WR this year because he wants to play, rather than sit, he said over the weekend. It's probably not a permanent move, as WR coach Zach Smith expects him to be back at QB as a sophomore, but we'll see. He's 6-foot-5 with great speed -- if he becomes a sick receiver, it'll be hard to lose that target when there will be other talented QBs for the Buckeyes to choose from.

2. Alabama scrimmages for the first time this fall

Nick Saban still doesn't have an idea who his starting quarterback will be this fall and keeps saying that he's waiting for someone to "take the bull by the horns" and "win the team." Saban is looking for one guy to consistently string together days of quality performance, rather than two good ones and one not-so-good one when he gets more opportunity, and it doesn't seem like that's happening. Everyone keeps waiting for senior Jake Coker to win the job, but the longer this thing goes on, you wonder if it's going to be redshirt freshman David Cornwell.

The most interesting thing to come out of Bama's practice on Saturday? The Tide are now experimenting with no-huddle play cards. Did you ever think a Nick Saban team would be one to hold up big boards with photos of pizza, a grizzly bear and the U.S. flag to call plays in a no-huddle offense? I fully support this, by the way. I hope Saban changes the photos every week to troll the opposing team. Cam Newton holding wads of cash for the Iron Bowl card would be fantastic.

Also, former Tide commit Ricky Town is leaving USC before he even plays his first game. Town, the No. 5 overall quarterback in the Class of 2015, enrolled at USC in January after choosing the Trojans over Alabama, Florida State, Georgia and many others and has been granted his release from the Trojans. He'll have to sit out the 2015 season, and it's unclear where he might go next.

Couple other SEC things while we're here:

Example No. 10,957 of why college football and the South are awesome: Tennessee drew 40,000 fans for an open practice at Neyland Stadium this past Saturday.

Big blow for Arkansas here: Running back Jonathan Williams will miss "an extended period of time" with a left foot injury that will require surgery, Bret Bielema said on Sunday. Bielema wouldn't go into details about the injury, and it's unclear if "extended period of time" means the full season or not (UPDATE: It does.). Arkansas still has a 1,000-yard back in Alex Collins, but losing one piece of its two-head backfield monster is a huge deal for the Hogs since it eats directly into the style of offense Bielema wants to play.

3. Who'll win the Big 12?

My colleagues Bruce Feldman and Stewart Mandel cranked out their 2015 conference picks all last week, and I'm fascinated by the Baylor-TCU debate in the Big 12 more than any other conference race. Unlike other leagues where there are talented teams with a bunch of question marks, nobody doubts Baylor and TCU are both goliaths and potential playoff teams. Their matchup in Fort Worth at the end of the year might be the best game of 2015. Mandel gives TCU a slight edge, while Feldman is going with his gut on Baylor.

Couple more picks from the guys: Love Stew's moxie here going with Texas A&M to win the SEC, while Bruce is picking Bama but isn't sure the SEC will get a team into the playoff.


* Clemson is banning its players from using social media during the season. It's amazing to me how much this fires people up. It's a stupid rule because it's totally out of touch with the current world, but nobody will be talking about this next week.

* Jim Harbaugh requested some all-white road uniforms for Michigan, which look right out of 1974.

* Hello, Outkick readers. If you're new to CFB AM, which ran on last season, a quick note about what this is: It's a daily post that will run Monday-Friday through the season and is meant to be a place that provides you with a quick college football fix every morning, touching on the biggest news and stories around the sport, so you can have at least somewhat-informed conversations with your friends.

It's NOT meant to be a round-up that covers every detail around the country. My hope is it's a place you spend five minutes with in the morning and get some entertainment while feeling like you're part of an open conversation. So I limit it to three main topics a day and try to make it friendly for reading on your phone while choosing stories that are interesting and hopefully things you want to share on social media. That's really the whole mission. Within those loose parameters, we'll have a good time and try to keep it on the rails.

What makes this fun is the conversation with you guys, so please reach out on Twitter or via email anytime with ideas, recommendations, tips or just dumb jokes (preferably dumb jokes, actually). Have a great Monday, everyone.

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