CAS sets 2-day hearing in Marta Dominguez doping case

Published May. 6, 2015 5:24 a.m. ET

LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) Former world champion runner Marta Dominguez will face accusations of blood doping at a two-day hearing at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

CAS will hear appeals by the IAAF and World Anti-Doping Agency on June 24-25.

The appeals challenge the Spanish athletics federation's decision last year to clear Dominguez of irregularities in her biological passport, which identifies possible doping by changes in blood values even if an athlete does not test positive.

The IAAF seeks a four-year ban, and WADA wants a ban of two-to-four years, the court said Tuesday.

It is unclear if Dominguez could be stripped of her 3,000-meter steeplechase title at the 2009 world championships in Berlin. The Spanish runner also won silver in the event at the 2010 European championships.

The World Anti-Doping Agency declined to specify details, citing its policy of not commenting on active cases.

Dominguez won her world title by beating Yulia Zaripova, the 2011 world champion and 2012 Olympic gold medalist from Russia who is also the subject of an IAAF appeal to CAS in a blood-doping case.


The IAAF is challenging the selective timing of Zaripova's ban by the Russian athletic federation this year, which included the date of her Olympic victory in London but not her world title.

Dominguez, now 39, previously specialized in the 5,000 meters, winning two European titles and two worlds silver medals.

In 2011, she won election to a seat in Spain's senate.