Brett Favre likes what he sees in Tony Romo

BY foxsports • April 12, 2013

Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre said his approach changed throughout his career depending on the amount of talent he had around him. If the 11-time Pro Bowl selection knew he was surrounded with a talented group, he took less chances and wasn't as much of a gunslinger on the field.

When it comes to judging Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, Favre sees it the same way.

Favre said Friday that Romo "is a very good quarterback" who shouldn't be judged solely on having only one postseason victory.

"It's the ultimate team sport," said Favre, the featured speaker at an SMU athletic forum luncheon in Dallas. "I think it's misleading to say that a quarterback has wins and losses and say he was a part of one playoff victory. I think there are a lot of factors that go into the success of not only Tony Romo but any player. Just what little bit I've watched the last couple of years, it seems like they were a little bit in disarray offensively. I thought he did a good job, from what I saw, of managing and making plays.

"Does that get you in trouble sometimes when you try to do too much? Sure it does. But I think I'd rather have a guy who's willing to take those chances."

Favre, who admitted to being a fan of Roger Staubach and the Cowboys as a youth, later said that for a quarterback, having a strong arm, good speed or ideal size aren't as important as being a winner and a competitor, traits he sees in Romo.

"I like the way he plays," Favre said. "I think there's times that he's made plays or decisions that were bad. But I think based on how the team has played or the way that the game has gone, for the most part, has kind of dictated the way his decision-making has played into it.

"I guess the way for me to explain it would be that if the Cowboys offense is going according to plan, say you're up by 14, or you're never out of it and your running game is OK, and you know where everyone is going to line up and you know what you're going to get out of your defense, then I think he would probably play less recklessly. I think it just kind of falls in line with how maybe the season or the game goes."

Favre played 16 seasons with the Green Bay Packers, leading them to two Super Bowl appearances and one Super Bowl victory in 1996. He also played one season with the Atlanta Falcons, one with the New York Jets and two with the Minnesota Vikings. No NFL player has thrown more touchdown passes than Favre's 508 and no player has thrown more interceptions than Favre's 336.

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