Braves dad puts baby in jersey; Shaq has gross feet

Published May. 29, 2015 10:41 a.m. ET

This Braves fan, who attended Thursday night's game against the Giants in San Francisco, has dad life down pat.

Shaquille O'Neal's feet are highly disgusting.

Mets ace Matt Harvey appeared on Thursday night's "Daily Show with Jon Stewart." With Stewart being a die-hard Mets fan, he didn't hold back on taking shots at the team throughout the interview, which left Harvey in an uncomfortable position. The mini-police barracades for Harvey's arm, was a great touch, though.

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The always-amusing Rock did it again.

The best thing about this tweet that contains video of John Cena bench-pressing 440 pounds is Cena acknowledging the WWE fans who are sick of him kicking out before the three-count.

A Rangers fan ended up with a face full of cheese after a Prince Fielder foul ball landed in her nachos.


Many of you probably don't care that Thanasi Kokkinaksi beat Bernard Tomic in the second round of the French Open, but you'll want to see the headline one Australian paper used for its story on the match.

My Buzzer colleague Andy Nesbitt breaks down the head coaches for the NBA Finals.

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