Boxer forgets which city he is in after winning title

BY foxsports • July 28, 2013

It is excusable to forget what you had for breakfast or even occasionally forgetting a person's name soon after meeting them.

But forgetting what city you are in after winning a World Boxing Association welterweight title?

Now that's embarrassing.

After Keith Thurman knocked out Diego Cháves in 10 rounds at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas, the welterweight champion took time to thank the fans for coming to the event.

Only problem, Thurman thanked the fans of San Diego, Calif. instead, which is about 1,276 miles to the west of San Antonio, and it took him an awkward amount of time to correct his mistake to the rejected San Antonians.

In Thurman's defense, San Diego and San Antonio both have "San" in the name, so maybe he can make things right next time he gets the microphone in Southern California by thanking the Central Texas fans.