Big Bucks: OSU's commanding victory means free furniture for hundreds

BY Connor Kiesel • January 13, 2015

Ohio State fans are feeling mighty comfortable after Monday night's national title victory over Oregon. More than 500 lucky folks will get to take that notion even more literally.

Morris Home Furnishings, a Dayton-based company with 15 Ashley Furniture HomeStore and Better Sleep Shops locations in Ohio and Northern Ky., made a wager with customers -- should the Buckeyes beat the Ducks by seven or more points in the title game, the store would refund purchases of at least $1,999, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

That all added up in the promotion, which began Dec. 17 and ran through Dec. 30, and was also contingent upon the Buckeyes defeating Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. Rob Klaben, vice president of marketing and advertising at Morris Furniture, told ABC News a third-party company would fund up to $1.5 million in rebates. Customers have the option to get either a rebate for the full amount of their original purchase or a store gift card worth 110 percent of that.

Another idea for the promotion included the Cincinnati Bengals, but Klaben said the company passed on that thought after the team's loss to the Cleveland Browns.

Solid decision. The company isn't paying back customers itself and is getting plenty of attention thanks to the Buckeyes' magical title run.

Now if only some apparel company will be wise enough to begin production of the Ezekiel Elliott champion's crop top.

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