Aubie Got Lucky During the Third Quarter of LSU Game

September 24, 2012

It has been a rough season for Auburn.

Lose to Clemson, lose to Missisippi State, sneak by Louisiana-Monroe in overtime.

Then LSU comes to town.

Big, bad LSU was nearly a three touchdown favorite.

But give Gene Chizik's troops credit, they fought, clawing their way back to a halftime lead and continuing to lead throughout the third quarter.

Which is when a blonde coed enters the scene.

Quoth emailer Don, who sends this picture along to OKTC:

"According to those watching the game at our tailgate in Auburn on Saturday, this young lady wandered by with some friends and decided she needed to let Aubie know she was proud of the effort being shown on the field. This photo was taken mid third quarter."

This may be the play of the year for Auburn.

Certainly it's the play of the year for this inflatable Aubie.

Blow up indeed.

And, be honest, you're jealous of inflatable Aubie now, aren't you? The way he's got his arms on his hips like he just expected for a blonde in a jean skirt and flip-flops to come sauntering down the street and pleasure him.

I hate inflatable Aubie.

Hate him.

But how great are the women of SEC football?

Even inflatable Aubie outkicked his coverage.