All That and a Bag of Mail: Which Disney Princess Is The Hottest Edition?

All That and a Bag of Mail: Which Disney Princess Is The Hottest Edition?

Published Jan. 11, 2013 12:00 a.m. ET

I'm writing this from Disney World.

More specifically I'm writing this from Disney's Animation Village, sitting on a Mater-inspired leather couch with a Lightning McQueen table. So, basically, this room is heaven for both my boys. 

Our beaver pelt trader of the week is Katherine Webb, who will be posing in Sports Illustrated, presumably the swimsuit edition, soon.

If she gets a painted on bikini whatever you do, you can't look at her in this bikini without being prepared to issue a formal apology. Seriously, think about how crazy this is, Brent Musburger got raked over the coals for saying she was beautiful and now she's posing in a magazine for tens of millions of people to ogle her in a bikini. 


Will Sports Illustrated apologize for putting her in a swimsuit?

Yeah, didn't think so.  

On to the mailbag.

Todd H. writes:

Your odds are way too high.

Even if they hadn't become huge celebrities, they've only been dating a month. How many college relationships that are at one month's duration last two years? A tiny percentage, right? Toss in the fact that each member of this couple will have abundant other options and they don't live in the same town, and I put it at virtually zero.

So my odds:

Two years? 2%

Married: .05%

Together at death: 0%

Dating him with a career ending injury before the draft? 0% (Better question, would he care if she pulled off the whipped cream bikini at some point in their relationship? I think probably not.)

Michael S. writes:

"Since Katherine Webb is an Auburn grad, imagine if she ended the relationship Iron Bowl week and showed up on be sidelines with Bo Jackson, and Auburn somehow won. This scenario makes Harvey Updyke's deal look like some high schoolers making prank calls, doesn't it? After discussing this with several Bama fans here in Huntsville, it's an honest-to-God, legitimate concern."

Now that you've suggested it, I'm pretty much sure of this is how the McCarron-Webb relationship will end.

It's the SEC.

Auburn might even let Webb sing the national anthem at this year's Iron Bowl if they'd broken up.

Okay, back to Disney World.

I'll say hi to Ariel for y'all.

Spectacular questions this week, seriously, spectacular.