5 Things: Rams make it 2-0 in LA with win over Chiefs

August 21, 2016

Los Angeles has an undefeated professional football team. Let that sink in for a second.

While it's only preseason - and just two preseason games at that - the fact that the 'honeymoon' between LA and the Rams is still very much alive in a town where dreams are crushed every day is no small feat. And all this despite No. 1 pick Jared Goff struggling in his first professional game and the Rams giving up a touchdown on their opening kick back in LA.

Following the Rams 21-20 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs on Saturday, let's have a look at five key takeaways from the team's second straight home win...

1. Jared Goff has hit bottom and is on his way up.


All along the popular consensus has been that despite naming Case Keenum the starter, this was Jared Goff's team. Then the first preseason game happened.

Goff looked well behind the pace, nervous and downright bad. And Satruday against the Chiefs didn't start much better.

Taking over for Keenum in the second quarter, Goff had a dropped pass, was sacked and lost a fumble and engineered another fumble that went out of bounds, all in his first two possesions. But once you;'ve reached the bottom, the only direction is up.

In the second half, Goff righted the ship. Throwing for a touchdown and 82 yards, the rooke stewarded the Rams to victory and looked much more the part of a No. 1 pick.

2. Pharoh Cooper is electric.

Just last week, Rams head coach Jeff Fisher declared that Cooper was one of the ream's top three receivers. High praise for a fourth-round pick out of South Carolina.

Against the Chiefs, Cooper scored a touchdown on his first touch of the game and displayed some serious speed during kick returns. The Rams are in serious need of real playmakers this season. Aside from Todd Gurley, the team really doesn't have a dynamic threat.

Cooper is showing flashes though.

3. Welcome back, Nick Foles.

Cut by the Rams this offseason after the team couldn't find a suitable trade for him, quarterback Nick Foles lined up behind the opposing center on Saturday.

Replacing starter Alex Smith, Foles put together a decent outing completing 18 of his 22 passes for 133 yards but was unable to produce a touchdown. And in the end, the quarterback that made him expendable, Goff, led his team to victory. 

4. Rams fans still coming in droves.

The parking lots surrounding the LA Coliseum were overflowing with fans and tailgaters on Saturday. And the Metro line was filled with Gurley, Goff and Eric Dickerson jerseys. For a city that doesn't normally care when the games don't matter, Rams fans made sure their team was well supported in both home preseason games.

5. Sabotage.

The Rams have been taking the field to the Beastie Boys' Sabotage. Which, whenever given the chance, this video should be shared. Enjoy!