3.5-magnitude earthquake shakes Cowboys' facility

BY foxsports • January 6, 2015

Given the looming trip to play in Green Bay this weekend, there's been plenty of talk around the Cowboys' facility about snow and ice.

But what about earthquakes?

Hardly known as a hotspot for seismic activity, the Dallas-Forth Worth area was shaken by the short shock of a 3.5 magnitude earthquake on Tuesday afternoon. The brief earthquake was actually centered around the location of the old Texas Stadium, just a few miles down the road from the team facility in Valley Ranch.

"I was actually laying on the couch over there and I felt a little rumble, and I was like 'What the heck is that,'" said Jeremy Mincey.

The shock could be felt throughout the building, though it didn't last long –€“ perhaps two seconds in total.

"It didn't scare me, it was over before I could even realize what it was," said Cole Beasley. "Dwayne (Harris) was like 'Did you feel that?' And I was like 'Kind of, but I don't know what that was.' I've never felt an earthquake before."

Texas is prone to plenty of volatile weather conditions, but apparently Beasley wasn't alone in his surprise. Unfamiliar with the telltale signs of an earthquake, Tyrone Crawford had his own suggestion for the disruption.

"I thought it was BeastMode hitting his back against the wall – that's Josh Brent," he said.

Added Beasley: "Maybe Parnell."

Crawford said the Dallas defense was in the middle of a team meeting, breaking down tape of the win against Detroit, when he realized what was happening.

"We seen the screen shake, and no one really knew what it was," he said. "Some guys said 'earthquake.' I've never experienced it. I don't know what to do when an earthquake hits, I've heard things fall."

Nothing that dramatic happened at Valley Ranch – though maybe it gave the Cowboys ideas for the future.

"It was a 3.5? Is that big? Well, next time we need to be coached what to do in case of an earthquake," Crawford said.


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