2013 USA Today Preseason Coaches Poll Released

August 1, 2013

Four weeks from today college football officially begins.

And with the beginning of August comes the preseason coaches poll.  

And it looks a lot like the end of the 2012 poll. 

There are five SEC schools in the top ten. 



That's ridiculous. 

You can view the entire poll here.

As you can see below, there are no real surprises.  

1. Alabama

2. Ohio State

3. Oregon

4. Stanford

5. Georgia

6. Texas A&M

7. South Carolina

8. Clemson

9. Louisville

10. Florida

11. Notre Dame

12. Florida State

13. LSU

14. Oklahoma State

15. Texas

16. Oklahoma

17. Michigan

18. Nebraska

19. Boise State

20. TCU

21. UCLA

22. Northwestern

23. Wisconsin

24. USC

25. Oregon State


If you're interested in conference breakdowns, the SEC has six in the top 13.

The Big Ten has five teams, but just one team in the top 16. 

The Pac 12 has five teams, just two in the top 20. 

The Big 12 has four teams, the highest ranked of which is 14. Bob Stoops says it's better to be mediocre than top-heavy.  

The ACC has just two teams, though both are ranked in the top 12. 

The toughest schedule in the nation for a first year coach -- and maybe any coach? How about Butch Jones at Tennessee, the Vols play five of the preseason top ten in the country, three on the road, including at Bama and at Oregon, before October is even finished.