110 Sports Podcast: Sean Miller

110 Sports Podcast: Sean Miller

Published Jan. 16, 2013 8:09 a.m. ET

Arizona basketball coach Sean Miller joins Matt this week to talk about his team's success so far this season and how they have been able to win close games. They also discuss Saturday's game against Arizona State and his relationship with Herb Sendek, he offers thoughts on the state of Pac-12 basketball, his hopes for future facility upgrades at Arizona and he comments on what is different about today's athlete than in past years.

Among his observations:

On this team's mind-set and how they win close games: "I think we have a group that is hungry to win, and I think our free-throw shooting has really been one of the keys to our success as well."

On the improvement from ASU this year: "I think that Arizona State is one the most improved teams in our conference, and I also think they are one of the best teams in our conference right now."

On renovating McKale Center: "We're going to move in phases, and I have no doubt with Greg's (Byrne) leadership and passion that so many prominent people have for our program and the fan base that we all recognize that what has worked 20 years or 10 years ago, doesn't necessarily work today. They are a lot of people that invest in their programs, and when you invest, success really comes through in that investment, and I think investing in McKale's future is really a real smart move."