Politician bitter over Olympic beer?

BY foxsports • July 11, 2012

The democratic system has been used across the world to bolster human rights and prevent wars. Now, one British politician is hoping he can turn to Parliament to stop the advancement of supposedly inferior beer.

Greg Mulholland, the chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Save the Pub Group, introduced a motion in British Parliament that condemns the Olympic Committee for choosing Heineken as the Summer Games' official beer.

Mulholland contends that a beer brewed in the United Kingdom — or at least representing the high taste of British pubgoers — be used over the Dutch import.

"Beer is the UK's national drink, and the country has a strong and ancient tradition of brewing," Mulholland said, according to his website, which reported the motion he filed in Parliament. "By choosing a mass-produced, bland foreign lager, the committee has ignored all the wonderful, traditional beers that the UK has to offer and instead gone for the company with the biggest [checkbook]."

Mulholland said the Olympics should be used to show off "the best of British."

In his motion, he called for a British beer to take the official place, saying Heineken was only chosen for monetary reasons — "and totally at odds with the strong emphasis on British character and identity at the heart of both the original bid and the preparations for the forthcoming London Games."

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