Monk may face charge over bogus story

BY foxsports • October 1, 2011

Olympian Kenrick Monk could face a criminal charge over a bogus hit-and-run story that has embroiled some of Australia's top swimmers, The (Brisbane) Sunday Mail reported.

The Commonwealth Games gold medalist broke down in tears Saturday as he admitted his injuries came from falling off his skateboard.

Monk lied to police about the incident last week, initially claiming his bicycle was struck by a mystery driver, and his remorse might not be enough to save his career.

He faces a potential criminal charge for making false statements to police and his prospects of selection for next year's Olympics are in jeopardy.

His teammates, too, are facing questions after Swimming Australia's own initial statement said fellow swimmers Ned McKendry, Stephanie Rice and Nick D'Arcy assisted him "immediately following the accident."

Monk, who confessed after police said they had a witness, insisted his teammates knew nothing about the deception.

"There was a witness . . . and that's why I told the truth," the 23-year-old said. "I would have come forward anyway. I can't handle it no more. They [my teammates] thought I was in a car accident. None of them knew it was a skateboard accident.

"They all came to my aid. I have to thank them and I'm very sorry. I never asked any of them [to cover it up]."

Rice, D'Arcy and McKendry could not be reached for comment.

Monk said he concocted the story because he was embarrassed and scared to tell his coach he was skateboarding.

"I panicked. I freaked. I felt like I'd let everyone down to know that I'd fallen off a skateboard. It's something 10-year-olds can ride. The car [story] sounded a bit more elaborate. It kept snowballing . . . it was the stupidest thing I've done. I regret it and I apologize big time."

A Queensland Police Service spokesman said investigations were ongoing but making false statements carried a maximum fine of $10,000 Australian ($9,700 US).

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