Josef Fendt remains International Luge Federation president

June 16, 2018

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia (AP) Josef Fendt has been elected to another term as International Luge Federation president.

Fendt ran unopposed Saturday for the position he's held since 1994. He's one of only two people to serve as FIL president; Bert Isatitsch held the role from 1957 until his death 37 years later.

Latvia's Einars Fogelis won the vote to replace Svein Romstad of the U.S. as the FIL's secretary general. Romstad is retiring.

Italy's Armin Zoeggeler, perhaps the best men's luger of all time, defeated Canada's Walter Cory 21-12 to become the FIL's vice president for technical matters. In other moves at the FIL Congress, Austria's Peter Knausederbeat Russian luge president Natalia Gart to become vice president of natural track, and USA Luge's Dwight Bell was added to the executive board.

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