Twelve wild rides of 2014: Drag racer recovers after flipping 14 times

BY Samuel Reiman • December 17, 2014

Editor's note: From December 13 to December 24, FOX Sports will be counting down the 12 craziest rides caught on video in 2014.

It may have been a few years since Jerry Yeoman had this terrifying crash at Wichita International Raceway, but when the video was released in October of this year, it still managed to take our breath away.

We do not know the exact date of the crash but let’s just note that the track has been renamed since the incident occurred (it’s now called Kansas International Dragway).

What else is unknown is how many times his Pontiac rolled after it crashed through the barrier -- an estimated count puts it somewhere between 12 and 14.

The uploader refrained from posting the video until Yeoman had fully recovered and given them permission to run it. Yeoman continues to compete today in a ’59 Turbo Corvette Pro Mod.

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