Rallycross driver gets tipped into skid, takes the lead

May 9, 2016

Most drivers aren’t too happy when they make contact with another car, whether it was their fault or not.

However, Johan Kristoffersson might want to thank the driver that he got into heading into the first turn of the FIA World Rallycross Championship Q2 race at Hockenheim in Germany last week.

Kristoffersson begins to cut into the first turn and, in doing so, gets clipped by the driver to his inside. The contact sends him into a skid through the first turn, but Kristoffersson just keeps his foot in it and comes out of the corner with the lead.

Kristoffersson’s weekend came to an unfortunate end in the semi after contact from behind rendered him with a left-rear puncture:


Mattias Ekstrom won the weekend’s main event, while Kristoffersson sits fourth in points entering the series’ next event in Belgium.