McDonald's in Australia using Lamborghini and Ferrari to deliver food

BY foxsports • October 25, 2014

McDonald's aims to make home delivery in Australia extra speedy by using Lamborghinis and Ferraris for home deliveries.

One Melbourne McDonald's has been testing home delivery service since July, but has now introduced flashy sports cars, including a Ferrari F430 Spider and a white Lamborghini dubbed the "McDelivery" vehicle, to bring the pipping hot right to customers' doorsteps, The Daily Mail reports.

This attention-grabbing marketing maneuver comes at a time when McDonald's is grappling with flagging sales. The fast food giant recorded a 30 percent drop in profits the last quarter.

Twenty more restaurants in Brisbane, Australia will join the home delivery trial in the coming months, but it's unclear if the sports car service will make it to U.S. shores. 

But if you're Down Under and thinking you'd like a sport car with those fries, you first have to order $21 worth of food at participating locations and pay a service delivery fee of about $4.35.

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