Ice Speedway racer takes on the world's deepest lake

May 4, 2016

Really all you need to know about the above video is that it was made by Red Bull. That alone usually indicates that you’re in for a wild ride.

However, to give you a little more background info, this bike is made for something they call Ice Speedway Racing, where 1.1-inch long spikes on the tires help give you grip through the turns. In the video above, Ice Speedway World Champion Daniil Ivanov headed to Baikal lake in Russia. At 5,387 feet in depth (1.02 miles), this is the world’s deepest lake.

Fortunately for Ivanov, the lake was frozen solid at the time of filming, meaning the 29-year-old Russian could have as much fun with his bike as he wanted while they were up on the surface.

And oh yeah, the whole thing is filmed in 4K.