Dakar Rally: Fiery crash caught on video moments after earlier wreck

BY foxsports • January 11, 2015

There's no doubt that the Dakar Rally is one of motorsport's most dangerous events, with drivers roaring through South American terrain - much of it unmarked desert - as fast as possible. Hit a hazardous patch along the route at a high rate of speed and you find yourself flipping end-over-end, exiting the endurance rally prematurely.

During Saturday's Stage 7, a pair of entries did just that while traversing the tricky outskirts of Iquique. Argentine driver Juan Manuel "Pato" Silva hit a dip in the road before launching off a slight bump, sending his Mercedes-powered SUV flipping five or six times. Spectators helped Silva and co-driver Juan Pablo Sisterna climb from the SUV uninjured.

Minutes later, the El Martillo Racing Durango Jimco of Matthew Campbell experienced a similar wreck at the same location. Campbell flipped end-over-end, soaring past spectators and the disabled Mercedes entry before catching fire.

Incredibly, Campbell and co-drivers Luis "Fito" Ramirez and Nico Ambriz only suffered bumps and bruises in the fiery crash.

"Fortunately, in despite of the dramatic accident Matt, Nico and Fito did not suffer too many damages other than bruises to the hide and pride," the team said in a statement posted on Facebook.

[H/T Jalopnik]

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