Reaction to Tiger Woods' public statement

BY foxsports • February 20, 2010

Reaction to Tiger Woods' statement Friday:


- ``I said, 'I'm so proud of you. Never think you stand alone. Mom will always be there for you and I love you.''' - Kultida Woods.

- ``I watched it but I have nothing to say right now. I have no comments.'' - Father-in-law Thomas Nordegren, in Sweden.


- ``It's a bummer, his personal life. He's trying to deal with it and I don't think he knows how to totally express how he feels and I don't wanna say, come clean about everything, but explain what was going on. He's trying to pick his words very carefully and apologize. I respect that.'' - American gold medal snowboarder Shaun White.

- ``do we think this is coming from the heart or the paper! come on Tiger! give us some reality here .... thanks tiger. sweet hugs to your fam, can't wait to see you back out there!! Good Luck!! - American silver medal skier Julia Mancuso on Twitter.


- ``There is anger in some corners, but mainly it is a sense of sadness. He's an American hero, and he's had his issues. At the end of the day, he's a human being. We all make mistakes. We all have made mistakes. And when we're lucky, we learn from those mistakes and we get to be better people.'' - PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem.

- ``Today was a step in the right direction. ... We know what kind of champion he is on and off the golf course but this is a big battle he's fighting right now. He's going to show to the people he can be a champion off the course.'' - Golfer Mark O'Meara.

- ``It's not about words, it is about actions. It's all down to actions. I personally think if Tiger wants to be a family man, get out and play some golf and bring the whole family out with him. `` - Golfer and TV analyst Nick Faldo.

- ``I thought it was an amazing conference. I thought Tiger was very humble. And, you know what? I think we all love him as a golfer and as a family man. And we want to see what's best for him.'' - Golfer Ben Crane.


- ``He came off very Tiger-like, in that it was a little too rehearsed and a little too scripted for my liking. The more scripted you are, the more risk you run of not being authentic or sincere.'' - Bill McGowan, image consultant for Clarity Media Group.

- ``It looked like it was staged. These things should have come from his heart, but he was reading out of a script. I could see he was tearing up, but I don't feel like he was being sincere.'' - Puntarika Susuntitapong, public relations executive in Bangkok.

- ``What I expected to see today was some humility. What I saw today was arrogance. What I saw was anger. ... It was basically an infomercial.'' - Public relations executive Rick Cerrone on CNN.


- ``One of the most remarkable public apologies ever by a public figure.'' - ABC's George Stephanopoulos.

- ``I think he was very genuine in his responses and his statement. I think we are entering a whole new era spiritually and emotionally for Tiger Woods.'' - Debert Cook, publisher of African American Golfer's Digest, on BBC News 24 television in London.

- ``Looked like a deer in the headlights - the kind of expression people have when they're playing with him on the golf course.'' - NBC Sports' Jimmy Roberts.

- ``I have never seen him appear so vulnerable. ... I was very impressed with what he said.'' - CBS' David Feherty.


- ``I don't think anyone would want to rush out for someone who, by his own words, says he still needs treatment.'' - Rick Burton, former chief marketing officer of U.S. Olympic Committee.

- ``It was good to see Tiger address the public today, and we're supportive of his focus toward family and rebuilding his life. He remains one of the greatest athletes in history, and as a long-standing partner, we look forward to seeing Tiger back on the golf course when the time is right for him and his family.'' - Peter Moore, president of EA Sports.

- ``It was 95 percent about contrition and 5 percent about golf, because the latter will take care of itself. Winning, good behavior and time can be his friends for the long term.'' - Vada Manager, former public relations official for Nike.


``I would be open to a telephone apology from Tiger, but I really feel I deserve to look at him in person, face-to-face, in the eyes, because I did not deserve this. ... I am sorry for my part for any of their pain, but you can't help who you fall in love with.'' - Veronica Siwik-Daniels, who watched from Los Angeles.


- ``I watched it. I thought he did a nice job in a very difficult situation. I really struggle (with it) myself because I think it's a personal matter and yet it can't be personal because it's Tiger Woods. I saw a person that seemed to be harmed a great deal by it and I think everybody wanted to see that and I like the idea he's not saying, 'I'm running back and I'll be on the first tee tomorrow.' He feels like he's got some work to do and I probably talked on that a heck of a lot more than I should.'' - North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams.

- ``That really didn't do anything for him, because all people are going to say is, 'He didn't write it.' There's always going to be something people are going to say. Either you forgive and move on, or you don't.'' - Timberwolves PG Jonny Flynn.

- ``I thought that it was sincere! He didn't owe us anything. For him to come out and admit his wrongdoings without passing the blame took a lot of courage. He was famous for playing golf not being a saint or priest.'' - Twins CF Denard Span on twitter.