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Adam Hadwin's hole-by-hole description of his 13-under 59
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Adam Hadwin's hole-by-hole description of his 13-under 59

Updated Mar. 4, 2020 10:49 p.m. ET

LA QUINTA, Calif. (AP) Adam Hadwin's hole-by-hole description of his 13-under 59 on Saturday at La Quinta Country Club in the CareerBuilder Challenge:

No. 1, 382-yard par 4 - par - I hit driver left. I had to chip underneath the tree. Hit a 6-iron over the back right of the green. Chipped it up to a couple feet and made par.

No. 2, 434-yard par 4 - birdie - Hit driver left on 2 as well. Was lucky to have a shot went up and over the trees with a 9-iron. 30 feet. Left of the pin. Made that.

No. 3, 202-yard par 3 - birdie - 5-iron to about 10 feet or so. Made that.


No. 4, 384-yard par 4 - birdie - Hit a hybrid off the tee, left myself a little farther back than I wanted to. Left a 7-iron out right, just hung up on the bunker 18, 20 feet. Had to go down probably three-quarters of the way on the shaft on a hybrid. One foot in the bunker, kind of straddling everything. Made it. Guys kind of laughed at me in my group for that one. It was a bit unexpected, especially compared to the first two birdies.

No. 5, 515-yard par 5 - birdie - Beautiful drive down the middle, hit hybrid on, 35 feet, two-putted.

No. 6, 527-yard par 5 - birdie - Another great drive down the middle, pulled a hybrid into the bunker left, but it was pin high. Had enough room, got up-and-down. About 5 feet.

No. 7, 168-yard par 3 - birdie - Tough pin, tucked front right. Hit a real good shot in there though about 6 feet. Right below the hole. Straight up the hill. Was able to get that one.

No. 8, 389-yard par 4 - par - Hit driver just beside the bunker. 119 yards, hit pitching wedge, little short, about 30 feet. Almost made it. Tapped in for par.

No. 9, 399-yard par 4 - birdie - 3-wood. Back right pin. I think 8-iron. Another good shot in there, 6 or 7 feet. Was able to make that.

No. 10, 405-yard par 4 - par - Took driver over the tree. Perfect spot. Had 18 feet. Kind of rolled it by 3 feet, was able to make the comeback putt.

No. 11, 543-yard par 5 - birdie - Fairway, then pulled it a little bit into the bunker on the left, but got up even with the second ridge in the green and pretty straightforward bunker shot down the hill. Trickled it out to about a foot. Tapped in for birdie.

No. 12, 202-yard par 3 - birdie - I think best shot of the day. Right in between a 5 and 6, just depended on what the wind was doing. And it was kind of laying down a little bit and I struck a 6-iron probably the best I've hit a golf shot this week. Just stung it underneath the wind. Got it up there about 8 feet and made that.

No. 13, 547-yard par 5 - birdie - Perfect drive over the corner. 245 or something. Hit hybrid right. Got away with it. Had a good lie. Flopped it up, took my medicine, gave myself a putt at it. Had a 20-footer. Was able to make that as well. It was going a little quick, but it hit the back of the hole. So a little relieved after that one.

No. 14, 469-yard par 4 - birdie - Good drive down the middle. I think we had 185. I tried to hit a little 6-iron. Left it out a little right from where I was looking, but had enough to carry the green, hit on the green and rolled up nicely to about 15 feet short of the pin. Made that.

No. 15, 206-yard par 3 - birdie - Hit 5-iron, little thin, it covered probably 6, 7 yards on the green, rolled out nicely. Rolled it behind the pin about 15 feet. And, honestly, I was thinking this is one of those putts that can get away from you pretty good and I knew I had a good round going and I didn't want to screw up a good round by ramming it 5 feet by and missing. So I was more focused on the speed there than anything and happened to pick a great line and was able to make it.

No. 16, 454-yard par 4 - par - Hybrid off the tee, playing down breeze. Whiffed it a little bit, left myself a little bit farther than would I like. But I had 208, 190 front edge. Hit 6-iron perfect. One of the best shots of the day, as well. About 15 feet. Thought I hit a great putt, just broke off left.

No. 17, 421-yard par 4 - birdie - 3-wood. I didn't hit it great, but middle of the fairway again. I had 172 yards, hit a little 7-iron. Was looking for it to drift left a little bit of that pin and held its line and had just enough to carry and roll up to about 6 feet. Made that.

No. 18, 412-yard par 4 - par - 3-iron off tee. 168 yards into the pin. Hit 8, thinking with the wind just let it drift left, and maybe some adrenaline kicked in, was a little bit long there. Stayed above the bunker. Pretty straightforward chip shot again. Just needed to get it going down the hill and rolled out to 3 feet and was able to make it. So, 59.


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