Podcast: Oregon players hospitalized, can Harbaugh bring a title to Michigan & The Mailbag

BY Bruce Feldman & Stewart Mandel • January 24, 2017

Bruce and Stew dive into the disturbing situation at Oregon that caused three players to be hospitalized after strenuous team workouts; Discuss some of the best college football players that failed to make their Mt. Rushmore list (13:00); And dive into everyone's favorite segment, The Mailbag, to answer e-mails about Jim Harbaugh's ability to lead Michigan to a national championship (24:00); Leonard Fournette's decision to skip LSU's bowl game (36:00); If the new startup pro football league could force the NCAA to pay its players (42:00); Is USC's 2017 schedule an advantage or disadvantage for their playoff hopes? (46:00) and more.

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