OVER-HERD: Bevo chats with Ralphie

BY foxsports • January 27, 2009

This weekend, two of college football's titans will meet in the Big 12 Championship Game. But when Texas (10-1) faces off with Colorado (9-2), it won't just be the players getting together. FOXSports.com has learned that college football's two biggest mascots, Bevo of Texas and Ralphie of Colorado are also good friends.

Bevo Ralphie

Height: 5'2" (6 feet with horns)

Weight: 1 Ton

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Hobbies: Long walks on flat surfaces, hopscotch, party planning

Pet Peeve: Cowtipping

Favorite actor: Matthew McConaughey

Favorite video game: Quake III

Prized possesion: Salt lick

History: Bevo, the mascot for the University of Texas, is a Longhorn steer that literally weighs a ton. His horns stretch almost six feet across. The first Bevo made his Austin debut in 1916 during the Longhorns' 21-7 victory over Texas A&M. Bitter, some Aggies branded the numbers 13-0 on the steer, signifying the score of the previous year's upset win. Texas fans turned the 13 into a "B," made the hyphen an "E," and then inserted the "V" before the already present "0." Bevo is, literally, a party animal. He is known as a down-to-earth and mellow steer, yet this gregarious ton of beef will never pass up a night on the town.

Height: 4'9"

Weight: 1,764 pounds

Hometown: Boulder, Colorado

Hobbies: Running in circles, snowboarding, cooking

Pet Peeve: Smokers, Buffalo wings (It's not really buffalo!)

Favorite actress: Julia Roberts

Favorite video game: SSX Snowboarding

Prized possesion: Bell

History: "Mr. Chips" was Colorado's first buffalo mascot. He was a regular at CU home games through the 1950's. CU was without a mascot for several years until Ralphie I made her appearance in 1966. The six-month-old buffalo was first called Ralph, a name picked by the student body. But an astute fan soon discovered that the buffalo was in fact a female, thus the name alteration to Ralphie. Ralphie, as you can imagine, is a guy's girl. She is a Tomboy, who has no problems keeping up with the guys when it comes to talking smack.

What follows is a conversation between Bevo and Ralphie that took place Sunday night about an hour after the Simpsons. The two talked on the phone when they found out their two teams were heading to Texas Stadium for the Big 12 title. Thanks to a secret deal with the phone company, FOXSports.com is able to bring you a transcript of their "cattle call."

Bevo: Hey kid! Looks like our teams are hooking up in Dallas this weekend.
That is so sweet! It'll be great to see you. I didn't think we were going anywhere after that Fresno State fiasco at the beginning of the year.
Bevo: I watched Colorado pound Nebraska from my trailer after the A&M game. Your team was quite impressive.
Ralphie: You saw more than I did.
Bevo: What do you mean?
Ralphie: Well, after those guys run me around the field in pregame, they put me in a damn trailer. They don't even have a TV in there for me to watch the game. I know I'm a girl, but I do like football. I am a mascot after all.
Bevo: Wait, they don't let you stand on the sidelines and watch the game? That's the best part of being a mascot!
Ralphie: Nope. They claim I'm too skittish.
Bevo: What? That's nuts. I'm sad Saturday's game is on Astroturf, I won't get to have my in-game snack of grass and cud.
Ralphie: At least you don't have to run on that stuff. Do you know how hard Astroturf is on a Buffalo's knees?
Bevo: I don't get to run anywhere since 1990 when I ran away.
Ralphie: You ran away? Why would you want to leave the life of a mascot? There's none better!
Bevo: I was just going to the store to get beer and pizza poppers for the trip to Dallas before the Texas-OU game. But one thing led to another and I ended up in San Antonio sipping margaritas on the River Walk.
Ralphie: I've always wanted to visit San Antonio.
Bevo: It's nice. The best time to go is at Christmas. Lights are everywhere. But I digress. When the guys who take care of me, the Silver Spurs, couldn't find me, they found another Longhorn named Milton to take my place.
Ralphie: I remember that guy, he was kind of hot.
Bevo: Hot?!? He was horrible. He didn't even have the right colors. He was black and white with a hump in his back.
Ralphie: Well, I meant hot in an exotic way. I will say, his horns weren't near as long as yours.
Bevo: Finally, a steer wins a size contest! Milton finished as an undefeated Bevo. I still hate that guy.
Ralphie: Give it up. You're the man now.
Bevo: Where are you staying in Dallas?
Ralphie: It sounds awesome! It's some place called Grand Prairie.
Bevo: Don't get to excited. That's just the name of the town next to Irving where Texas Stadium is. It's OK, but it's no paradise.
Ralphie: Shoot! I had visions of a 24-hour graze-fest!
Bevo: I'm staying at an undisclosed barn in North Irving.
Ralphie: Are you kidding? You can't tell me where you're staying?
Bevo: There are Aggies everywhere you know. Last thing I need is to wind up the main course at the Texas A&M "We Finished 7-4" Banquet.
Ralphie: Good point. At least I'm an endangered species. And believe me, I work that angle every chance I get.
Bevo: Well, I've got to run. They are replaying "24" on FX.
Ralphie: That show rocks! I love Kiefer Sutherland.
Bevo: I'll buy you a Shiner Bock when we get to Dallas.
Ralphie: What's that?
Bevo: It's a beer they brew down here.
Ralphie: We have Coors Light.
Bevo: Yeah, I know. Shiner Bock is better. I won't tell any of your rocky mountain friends. I swear!
Ralphie: Good. It wouldn't go over too good if they knew I had anything but Coors Light. See you Big D.

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