NCAA bans use of satellite college football camps

NCAA bans use of satellite college football camps

Published Apr. 8, 2016 1:42 p.m. ET

Chalk up another win for the SEC in college football. On Friday the NCAA banned satellite camps. Effective immediately.

"The NCAA has approved a proposal applicable to the FBS that would require those schools to conduct camps and clinics at their school's facilities regularly used for practice or competition," the release stated. "Additionally, FBS coaches and non coaching staff members with responsibilities specific to football may be employed only at their school's camps or clinics. This rule change is effective immediately."

SEC coaches now can shelve their back-up plans to try and counter the likes of Jim Harbaugh and Urban Meyer infringing on their recruiting turf.

"This happened because the SEC coaches are mad at Jim Harbaugh," said one non-Power Five head coach. "That's all. It's a (expletive) joke. Think about all the kids who could've ended up getting MAC scholarships because they got seen by someone who probably would never have saw them before. That's who you're really hurting. What about those kids? It's going to force these kids to spend more money. All you're doing is providing more exposure."


Last year SEC commish Greg Sankey, in the wake of Harbaugh's recruiting tour, said the conference would lobby the NCAA to outlaw the camps but if they didn't, the SEC would shift gears and allows its coaches to host their own camps.

In the end this will be seen by many as the NCAA putting Harbaugh and other cold weather coaches in their places but in reality it's just closing the window on more recruits getting exposure to more coaches -- and taking away more opportunity. And that's nothing to celebrate.