Mike Riley strongly in favor of 'satellite camps'

Published May. 4, 2015 10:15 a.m. ET

The topic of satellite camps has been a hot button on around college football over the last few weeks. 

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh didn't make things better when he poked the SEC bear so to speak but he isn't the only coach in the Big Ten that is very much in favor of these camps. Nebraska coach Mike Riley has long been a fan of them and he feels he has a great reason according to the Lincoln Journal Star:

"We can basically take ourselves to these places that are too far away from Lincoln for these kids to drive for unofficial visits very easily, Riley said. It gives the players an opportunity to work with you, maybe learn a little something in the camp, and maybe get a feel for if they want to play for Nebraska. All of a sudden, the player has a chance to be exposed to something new. It might end up being something that impacts his life."

There are many Big Ten fans that are very happy about the new coaches in the league deciding to be more proactive in a recruiting. That can only help the entire conference rise up and get closer to Ohio State.

(h/t Lincoln Journal Star)

Photo Credit: Bruce Thorson/USA TODAY Sports