Meyer made the right call leaving Tebow in

September 29, 2009

The Sunday morning quarterbacks were out and chomping this weekend.

Less than 12 hours after Tim Tebow was knocked out of Saturday night's Florida-Kentucky game with a concussion, college football pundits and talking heads across the country seemed to take part in what was nothing short of a Sunday feast. The meal on the menu was Gator.

"What was Urban Meyer thinking? Game in hand, and his star player still in the game. It was a costly miscalculation," wrote Tampa WFTS-TV's Tom Korun on his blog Sunday.

"If Tebow's injury is serious, Meyer is going to get second-guessed for leaving his quarterback deep into the third quarter in a blowout game. Yes, it was only the third quarter ... but ... Florida was leading, 31-7, at the time. Mathematically, Kentucky was in the game. But the Wildcats never posed a serious threat," penned George Diaz of the Orlando Sentinel.