Ex-LSU RB Murphy has rings stolen

Ex-LSU RB Murphy has rings stolen

Published Aug. 16, 2012 1:00 a.m. ET

Jaguars running back Richard Murphy has gotten to know a few of his teammates really well while bumming rides to training camp this week.

That's the upside of having his truck stolen from outside his apartment over the weekend.

The downside is that he also lost four championship rings from his college days at LSU that were inside the 2010 Dodge.

The truck was taken between Saturday night and Sunday morning. It was found several miles away sitting on concrete blocks. Among the items missing were 30-inch rims and tires valued at $15,000, his 2007 national title ring, his 2007 Southeastern Conference championship ring and his 2006 Sugar Bowl ring. The fourth ring was a title ring issued by the school.


''Something you can't replace,'' Murphy said Wednesday. ''It's really frustrating. But it can't really frustrate me now. It's training camp. I've got to make the roster. I've got stuff to pay for.''

Murphy had no idea his truck had been stolen when he awoke Sunday. He walked outside, thinking he had parked near his front door, but couldn't see his truck. He hit the alarm button, figuring he may have forgotten where he left it, but got no response.

When he walked to the spot he remembered parking in, the only thing there was broken glass.

''My heart just dropped,'' he said.

He called the Jaguars, who notified police. Officers found the vehicle a short time later, stripped of just about everything valuable.

Still inside the truck was a 12-gauge pump shotgun with a pistol grip that was in a secure compartment. Murphy thought the rings were secure, too.

''They were locked up,'' he said. ''Under the glove compartment is another drawer that you can't see.''

Apparently someone found it.

''The rims, I can get them back,'' Murphy said. ''But the rings are something I worked for, something I take pride in at LSU. It's a real hard feeling for me.''

Murphy played in 40 games at LSU. He ran for 527 yards and two touchdowns in four seasons. Nonetheless, the Jaguars saw enough to sign him as an undrafted rookie in 2011. He spent all of last season on injured reserve.

He's trying to land a roster spot this year. It's no easy task considering he's behind Rashad Jennings, Montell Owens and Jalen Parmele on the depth chart - and the list doesn't include holdout Maurice Jones-Drew.

He's hoping for a big night when he returns to his home state for Friday's preseason game at New Orleans.

''There's nothing like going back home and having your family and friends there,'' he said. ''They give you more motivation to play hard and fast.''

Of course, he's going to need a ride to and from the airport.

''Counting on teammates,'' said Murphy, who has gotten rides from Daryl Smith, Greg Jones and DuJuan Harris this week.