Peterson camp not happy with Khan

Peterson camp not happy with Khan

Published Jan. 11, 2012 12:00 a.m. ET

Lamont Peterson's manager accused Amir Khan of being a sore loser in the wake of the British boxer's loss to the American in a light-welterweight title fight and attempt to appeal the decision.

Khan lost his IBF and WBA belts to Peterson on a split decision after being docked two points for pushing in the Dec. 10 fight in Washington. He's appealing the scoring and questioned the presence of a ''mystery man'' distracting judges at ringside.

Mustafa Ameen will explain why he was near the judges at a hearing next week, the IBF said Wednesday.

Barry Hunter, who is also Peterson's trainer, said his fighter is disappointed with the ''unprofessional manner'' of Khan's complaints.


''Khan blames everyone and everything but his performance and lack of ability to make adjustments in the ring for his loss,'' Hunter said in a statement.

''He claims that the ring announcer privately stated he won, then that the referee's discretionary actions should be overruled, then a mystery man in a black hat with no association to the Peterson camp somehow affected the outcome of the bout, and also that the judges did not score the bout correctly. Each claim is boldly false.

''We will not let these foul tactics take away from Lamont's hard work, dedication and monumental victory.''

After not commenting about the ''mystery man,'' the IBF released a statement Wednesday identifying him as Ameen, who participates in unpaid voluntary work with its program for retired fighters.

The governing body said Ameen had no business being ringside during the fight and confirmed he will be present at the hearing ''to explain his actions and what transpired during the bout between him and Mr. Welsh.''

Khan cited footage that showed Ameen next to Peterson and his team as they celebrated the victory in the ring after the fight.

''Mustafa Ameen is in no way, nor has he ever been, affiliated or associated with anyone within Team Peterson,'' Hunter said.