Pacquiao-Bradley round-by-round

Pacquiao-Bradley round-by-round

Published Jun. 9, 2012 1:00 a.m. ET


Manny Pacquiao (c) vs. Timothy Bradley

Round 1

Pacquiao is coming out the aggressor as Bradley is on his heels. Bradley is looking to counter off Manny’s left lead but Pacquiao is getting out of range. Bradley throws a number of flurries but he’s not connecting with much on it. Manny finishes the round strong with some nice straights.


Score: Pacquiao 10-9

Score so far: Pacquiao 10-9

Round 2

Bradley comes out more aggressively but Manny is using that straight left to counter him. Get in the clinch and Bradley peppers him at the two-minute mark to the body. Manny is hitting him with big shots but not throwing a lot; Bradley is throwing a lot but Manny is landing flush. Bradley is much more activity than accomplishment; Manny is landing more but Bradley is throwing more.

Score: Pacquiao 10-9

Score so far: Pacquiao 20-18

Round 3

Bradley lands a nice straight right early. Manny is just walking him down though as he’s hitting that straight left. Bradley is shooting the gap and trying to get inside because of it; Manny is being aggressive and Bradley can’t get out of the way of that left. He’s reacting before Manny throws and Manny has figured this out. He’s going for the clinch as soon as Manny hits that left to avoid the combination shot. Manny with a nice flurry that moves Bradley into the ropes with 30 seconds left. Bradley is getting leery of his power. Great flurry to end the round.

Score Pacquiao 10-9

Score so far: Pacquiao 10-9

Round 4

Bradley comes out the aggressor and Manny is on his heels early for the first time in the fight. Manny is landing big shots to the head as Bradley looks to work the body. Manny’s power is moving Bradley when he hits him and Bradley’s punches aren’t doing that to Manny. Manny stalks Bradley for the last minute as he’s landing some big shots. Last minute of the round sees Manny teeing off on Bradley; he’s wobbled and a clinch gets him time. Manny lands a flurry to end the round.

Score: Pacquiao 10-9

Score so far: Pacquiao 40-36

Round 5

Bradley comes out the aggressor again but he’s stepping back as soon as Manny starts to throw. Manny’s power is something he wants nothing to do with until the middle of the round when he gets into a slugfest with him. Bradley isn’t moving his head and Manny is catching him with straights. Manny is spending the first minute of each round letting Bradley dictate the fight and then rattling him with his power. Manny is out-classing Bradley at this point.

Score: Pacquiao 10-9

Score so far: Pacquiao 50-45

Round 6

Bradley comes out more aggressive early on and then Pacquiao starts landing more power shots to back Bradley off. Bradley is being the aggressor for the first 90 seconds but then Manny is just taking over the round as he’s just turning it on. Does so again starting at the one-minute mark as he’s unloading on Bradley again! Backs him into the corner at the 36-second mark and lands some BIG shots on him. Bradley ends the round eating some more of Manny’s big power shots. Manny is starting to smell blood here.

Score: 10-9 Pacquiao

Score so far: 60-54 Pacquiao

Round 7

Bradley comes out with some good shots but Manny just sort of shrugs them off. Bradley isn’t connecting with big shots and what he is connecting with isn’t doing much. Manny is luring him into a firefight and rattling his bones with big power shots. His foot is still on the throttle as he’s looking to set up a knockout combination. Bradley gets Manny against the ropes and they start winging punches but Manny gets the best of it, even with his back against the ropes. Manny pours it on starting in the last 50 seconds or so. He’s looking to end this and end it soon with how he’s throwing.

Score: Pacquiao 10-9

Score so far: Pacquiao 70-63

Round 8

Bradley comes out with a look on his face that’s of a man who knows he can’t win. There’s no confidence in him as he looks beaten. He basically reacts to Manny early as the champion is stalking him and initiating the exchanges. Headbutt at about two minutes from Bradley that causes a short break but doesn’t bust Manny open. Bradley with a nice flurry and he pours it on but Manny just shrugs him off at about the 90-second mark. Bradley is throwing a lot as the round ends but he’s hitting gloves mostly. Manny is setting up for a big shot as opposed to throwing often. He ends the round with some big shots.

Score: Pacquiao 10-9

Score so far: Pacquiao 80-72

Round 9

Manny comes out throwing big power shots early with his left, mainly that straight left, and Bradley is mainly throwing jabs and trying to avoid being hit. Manny’s power is getting to him at this point; he’s covering up and going for the clinch quickly and trying to ugly it up. Manny with some impressive power at the midway point. Bradley is connecting once he gets the clinch but can’t get off without it. Bradley gets wobbled with a straight left with 20 seconds left.

Score: Pacquiao 10-9

Score so far: Pacquiao 90-81

Round 10

Bradley spends the first minute throwing but nothing he’s hitting seems to phase Manny. Manny is just teeing off with his power at this point; as soon as he connects Bradley is backing off or grabbing the clinch. Pacquiao isn’t doing much, and Bradley isn’t doing much. Last 10 seconds is a bit of a slugfest but Bradley backs off.

Score: Bradley 10-9

Score so far: Pacquiao 99-82

Round 11

Manny’s the aggressor early as Bradley is looking to counter more; he’s not connecting with much though. It’s more of the same as Manny’s power is scaring Bradley off from the firefights they had earlier. Manny isn’t taking his foot off the pedal as everything he’s throwing is for the finish. Nice head movement from Bradley as Manny is headhunting now; Bradley knows Manny is looking for the home run shot and is reacting according. Manny gets him into the corner and Bradley immediately gets out near the end of the round.

Score: Pacquiao 10-9

Score so far: Pacquiao 109-91

Round 12

Bradley again comes out the aggressor as he’s throwing more in volume but Manny’s power is making him back off as soon as he takes that lead left. Bradley is hitting power shots, and throwing as hard as he can, but Manny’s shrugging it off and visibly wobbling Bradley when he connects. Bradley spends the last minute backing off or grabbing the clinch, avoiding the knockout. As soon as he tastes Manny’s power again he’s backing off.

Score: Pacquiao 10-9

Our score: Pacquiao 119-100

Official decision: Timothy Bradley defeats Manny Pacquiao by split decision (115-113, 113-115, 115-113)