Franklin beats Liddell at UFC 115

Published Jun. 12, 2010 1:00 a.m. EDT

Inside Fights blogged the action of UFC 115, which took place in Vancouver, Canada. Here's the recap.

Chuck Liddell vs. Rich Franklin

Inside leg kick stumbles Liddell. Leg kick from Liddell as well. Both fighters tag one another with shots to the face. Franklin goes for a takedown, but Liddell stuffs it. Head kick from Liddell is blocked, but a big body kick lands. He fakes a big punch and ankle picks Franklin to the mat. Liddell  is shrugged off by Franklin and we're back on our feet. Liddell is cut over his left eye. Right from Liddell staggers Franklin, but Franklin counters with a big left. Both men stare a moment in pursuit, trying not to get knocked out. High kick from Liddell is deflected. Against the cage, Liddell lands a big elbow. Franklin counters with a big right that drops Liddell unconscious. Referee Herb Dean steps in to prevent another blow.

Winner: Franklin by knockout (4:55 of Round 1)


Mirko Cro Cop vs. Pat Barry

Round 1

Lots of respect from Barry before we go. Barry shows an early burst of speed and presses in. A quick right hook drops Cro Cop, but he gets right back up. Outside leg kick by Barry. Side kick from Cro Cop. Body kick from Cro Cop. Another right drops Cro Cop and Barry lets him back to his feet. Cro Cop has a big knot on his face from that second big right punch. Cro Cop shoots for a takedown and flips Barry around lands some shots as Barry scrambles to his feet. The two fighters touch gloves and hug like it's a sparring session and the round ends.

Round 2

Barry comes out with a jab. Cro Cop throws the head kick two times and them charges forward with blasting punches. He pushes Barry to the cage and pounds hammerfists into his thighs. Both fighters testing with jabs. Cro Cop with side kicks and punches. Barry misses a high kick and Cro Cop gets into Barry's half guard. Cro Cop takes full mount but Barry rolls through and gives up his back. Cro Cop is pounding on Barry trying to get the rear naked choke. Round 2 ends with Cro Cop controlling Barry on the mat.

Round 3

Cro Cop with the big left high kick. Ax kick from Cro Cop lands on Barry's shoulder. The crowd is loving the old-school striking. Cro Cop goes for high leg kick and Barry takes the leg out, causing Mirko to fall on his bottom. Cro Cop right back on his feet. Barry continues to switch stances and lands a big left. Cro Cop lands an uppercut and then another uppercut-left combo. Cro Cop presses Barry against the cage and rains some blows. Referee Yves Lavigne pulls them away from the fence. Cro Cop presses in and begins connecting with rights and lefts. Back against the cage, Cro Cop mounts the partially seated Barry and nails him with short left hands. Cro Cop tosses his arms around Barry's next and puts him out via rear naked choke.

Winner: 'Cro Cop' Filopovic by submission (rear naked choke, 4:30 of Round 3)


Paulo Thiago vs. Martin Kampmann

Round 1

Feeling each other out early on. Kampmann looks ready to press the issue a bit and has landed with a jab. Big right by Kampmann. Inside leg kick by Kampmann. He is striking well to start the fight. Thiago throws a big left-right combo that barely misses. Two straight jabs by Kampmann connect. Thiago catches a knee, but is unable to get the takedown. Right hand hurts Thiago and he gets the takedown on Kampmann who tries for a guillotine. Thiago gets stuck in another guillotine that he has to wall walk to his side to get away. The round ends with Kampmann on top of Thiago.

Round 2

Leg kicks from Kampmann to start the round. A good flurry with both men catching shots that they walk away from. Thiago is throwing big punches to finish the fight, but Kampmann slides away and takes Thiago to the mat. Thiago has a kimura and he uses it to sweep his way back to top position. Kampmann gets an underhook that gets him back to his free. Kampmann throws a knee that stumbles Thiago and they scramble as the round comes to an end.

Round 3

Thiago misses a haymaker and Kampmann clinches, sweeping Thiago's leg and taking guard. Axe kicks from the bottom by Thiago, but Kampmann mounts and takes an arm triangle. Thiago defends it well and gives up his back momentarily. Thiago gets back to his feet and is quickly taken back down. Kampmann is controlling the pace of the fight and ensuring that Thiago can't throw those big punches on his feet, which might be his only chance to win the bout at this point. To end the fight, Kampmann has an arm triangle on Thiago in the center of the cage as Thiago is fighting to remain conscious.

Winner: Kampmann by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Ben Rothwell vs. Gilbert Yvel

Round 1

Rothwell comes out swinging, connecting right away. Yvel spins off the cage and returns fire, but Rothwell continues to press. Yvel with a guillotine, but Rothwell uses it as a chance to get into side control. Yvel back to his feet for a moment before being slammed to the mat by Rothwell. Rothwell works for the mounted crucifix, but Yvel gets free. Rothwell fully mounts Yvel and he survives. Gilbert uses a leg lock to try and roll free but Rohwell ends up with a mounted crucifix. Yvel misses an opportunity to roll free, but gets it again after a second shot at it. Rothwell looks wobbled as they strike on their feet and Yvel is using the time to relax and takes some targeted shots before the round ends.

Round 2

Rothwell shoots in for a takedown and gets it. Yvel tries for a triangle, but Rothwell pushes through and is in side control. Good grappling on the ground leads to Ben Rothwell mounting Yvel. Both fighters end back up on their feet. Big knee to the body from Yvel, Rothwell takes Yvel to the mat again. Yvel uses an americana to sweep and is on top. Rothwell is hurt. Yvel is rocking him with punches. Rothwell is able to get out of danger and roll back to his feet, taking Yvel down in the process. Full mount from Rothwell, who drops elbows to finish the round.

Round 3

Yvel plays possum, walking at Rothwell very slowly before shooting in for a double leg takedown. Rothwell stuffs the takedown and ends up in side control, dropping short elbows while working into the mount. Rothwell has an americana, but cannot finish is. Mounted crucifix by Rothwell. Yvel takes a few short elbows in the face. Rothwell is really just laying on Yvel, making him hold his body weight for the remainder of the bout.

Winner: Rothwell by decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Carlos Condit vs. Rory MacDonald

Round 1

Condit goes for a body kick, but MacDonald catches it and sweeps his leg. MacDonald tells Condit to stand back up. The two begin to exchange on their feet and end up on their feet. Big takedown by MacDonald from the clinch. After a minute on their feet, Condit fights back up to his feet. Leg kick caught by MacDonald for another takedown. MacDonald is posturing up and raining down with punches as his corner calls for elbows. Condit spins up and gets back to their feet. Left body kick and right outside leg kick from Condit. MacDonald catches a knee from Condit and clinches. Condit with a missed hook is taken down by MacDonald to end the round.

Round 2

Two big hooks missed by Condit. MacDonald ends up in half guard after Condit tries to pull guard. Both fighters are back to their feet. Superman punch from Condit misses and MacDonald takes him to the mat. No ground and pound from MacDonald, as nothing connects. Missing spinning crescent kick from Condit. MacDonald lands a big combo. Condit shoots but is stuff. Spinning back fist from Condit misses. Good counters from Condit to MacDonald stepping in. Both fighters go for big front kicks to end the round, but Condit ends up on the mat.

Round 3

MacDonald catches the leg kick again, separates with some strikes. Big head kick from MacDonald. MacDonald presses in for strikes. Condit gets the takedown and is in half guard and hammering away on MacDonald. Condit temporarily has a mount, but a hip escape gets MacDonald half guard. Condit is swarming. MacDonald's face is completely messed up with a ton of swelling. Condit is pressing in as the hometown fans chant for MacDonald. MacDonald is riding out a very bad beating with his defense. There is a lot of blood coming out of his face. Condit is in half guard and there is brutal ground and pound. The referee stops the match with 10 seconds to go in the fight.


Winner: Condit by TKO (punches, 4:53 of Round 3)