What's wrong with Roush Fenway Racing? It's time to find out

Jeff Hammond says it is past the time to look outside the organization, if need be, to get the programs of drivers Ricky Stenhouse Jr., Greg Biffle and Carl Edwards turned around. Their cars need more speed.

Roush Fenway Racing drivers Greg Biffle (left) and Carl Edwards talk before a Sprint Cup race earlier this season.

Sean Gardner / NASCAR

I know a lot of folks are once again scratching their heads about what is wrong with Roush Fenway Racing. They obviously are the cornerstone of the Ford Racing program, but in the last couple years and particularly this year, they are being out run by Team Penske.

The irony is that Penske is getting its motors, data, etc. from Roush Fenway.

I'm sure he is already doing this, but if I were Jack Roush I'd be sitting down every day with my drivers and my crew chiefs over there. They seem to have a problem that for whatever reason is inherent to their cars. Others aren’t experiencing this problem. Clearly whatever Roush Fenway is doing to their cars is not producing results.

They obviously have to be asking themselves if they have exhausted every avenue and everything within their organization to turn this around. You have to assume they have, but if you haven't, then why not? The question then becomes, well, if you have exhausted all options within the company, what and where is the next alternative?

Let's face it, they need something different and they need it now -- not next week, not next month and not for the Chase -- they need it now. They are being judged by their manufacturer. They are being judged by their sponsors, their peers and obviously the fans.

So it's time to step back and take a broader and more open approach to this problem. It's the blind obvious, but something has to give because what they have now isn't working.

If I have exhausted all avenues with Ford and within our organization, well, by golly I am going to go find somebody -- even from another series if need be -- but I'm going to find somebody who is going to give me a different idea to fix a problem they evidently can't find and figure out.




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