NTM Q&A: Fittipaldi's first pit stop

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Tune in to NASCAR This Morning every Winston Cup race Sunday at 9 a.m. ET on Fox Sports Net for live trackside interviews. Check out some of the highlights from the Sunday, November 10 show at Phoenix.

Ganassi on saying goodbye to Spencer

Chip Ganassi: Anytime you like a guy personally, it's hard to tell him that he doesn't have a future with you, but hopefully that won't affect our friendship. It's hard to say. I think we have had a pretty good relationship with Jimmy all year. It's unfortunate. This business today, when you don't have the results, a lot of times it's easy to point fingers and make a change in the driver area. We may make more changes; we may not. I don't know. It's a difficult situation.

Fittipaldi first pit stop

Steve Waid: Do you see a difference in the garage areas between CART and NASCAR? Is there a difference in intensity? Is there a difference in the number of people there? : I think it's really different in the number of people over here and in the number of cars. You always have to be looking all over the place because if you're not looking all over the place, maybe someone can run you over. And it's a lot more cars than in my series. Barry Dodson: The one huge difference is you've got to bring a 3400-pound car on to pit road, get it stopped, hold the brake, keep the steering wheel straight and get it back in gear with a lot of other cars on pit road that sometimes you don't see in open wheel. How tough is that going to be? : I don't know. I'll tell you after the race, but at the moment, I never ever did a pit stop in a NASCAR car so it's going to be something completely new to me (on Sunday) afternoon.

Lucky seven Cup starts for Wimmer in '03

: You're winning races and showing that you can compete competitively (in the Busch Series) as well as in the Cup side because you're running well here. Is this the plan and what's next for ? : I'm pretty fortunate to be with Bill Davis Racing. We've already got two Winston Cup teams and now a real successful Busch team. Our plans next year are to run Busch and hopefully contend for a championship there and also run probably about seven Winston Cup races. I know Bill wants to have three Winston Cup teams, and hopefully I'll be that driver for the third one in the near future.

Chuck's son to Truck, Busch in '03?

: It's a difficult task to win a championship in any series. The Winston West is a very competitive series. You won two races and had an average finish of 3.5. Talk a little bit about what it took to (win the title) and a little bit about where you're going. Eric Norris: We had a great year this year. We're happy for Janiking. They've been a great sponsor. To win a championship for them has been terrific for us. We just had a real consistent year. We didn't have any DNFs. Our motors held up. We didn't have any problems with our cars. We won a couple races. We just had a good year, and it was pretty exciting. We're not exactly sure what we're doing next year. We're waiting to hear from Janiking to see what they want to do. Maybe go Truck racing or whatever it may be. They're on 's car. They've got a great deal with the Busch (Series). We're leaving every option open, and hopefully our goals are to go Truck racing or Busch racing next year.

'03 plans: What's Johnny done for me lately?

John Roberts: What does (last week's win at Rockingham) mean to next year's campaign? : It definitely means a lot for this year and then of course going into next year with the new 2003 Pontiac, trying to get everything ready. Of course winning that, not that we've taken any effort from this year, but we're really working hard on 2003. We're basically nowhere near anything in the points. We've been working hard on the 2003 stuff. We're looking forward to it. We've obviously got a long winter to get ready, but I think once 2003 starts, I think we're going to have a pretty good year.

Bringing up rear to end for Burton

Steve Waid: To be a part of what Roush has done overall, that's got to be somewhat satisfying. : It is. Certainly this is a team sport, but it's also a self-serving sport. We don't mean to bring up the rear of Roush Racing. We don't mean to bring up the rear anywhere. That's what we've done this year. That's just not acceptable. We've got great teammates. We've got great drivers. We've got great crew chiefs. We've got great teams. So to be competitive with those teams, in my opinion, is a great honor. We haven't been as competitive as we need to be within our own teams so those guys have done a great job. Mark's in the middle of a championship. Matt's winning. Kurt's winning. And we've run better, but we still aren't doing exactly what we need to do. I feel really confident going into next year. I see a lot of great things happening, and it's not my intention to be the worst Roush team again.

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