St-Pierre defeats Hendricks

Round 1

Well, this is going to be fun. Can St-Pierre hold onto the belt
or is Hendricks the man to end the legend’s reign? Can’t wait to
find out.

Mario Yamasaki is the referee for this welterweight championship

A little difference in the intros from Bruce Buffer. Lights go
down and spotlights on the fighters. I like it. Nice touch.

Here we go.

Big left attempt from Hendricks and GSP takes him down.
Guillotiine by GSP, but Hendricks slips out. Back up.

They fall into a clinch, throwing knees. Yamasaki breaks it

Hendricks throws and GSP goes for another takedown. Stuffed. GSP
eating punches.

GSP still holding the takedown, Hendricks is landing elbows.
Hendricks is a beast. So physically strong.

Hendricks takes GSP down. Wow.

GSP is up. Clinch again against the cage.

Hendricks throws a big left. Blocked. Round over.

Hendricks 10-9 — Punches and elbows in a clinch plus a
takedown. Hendricks opened up a cut on GSP’s left eye. Good round
by the challenger. Time for St-Pierre to adjust.

Round 2

Hendricks is smiling a lot.

GSP is opening up on the feet a bit. Hendricks hurts him with a
left. Two, three uppercuts with that left hand.

GSP is hurt bad. The two are in a clinch and Yamasaki stops the
action. Hendricks’ mouthpiece fell out.

Hendricks is teeing off! No one has done this to GSP in a long
time, if ever.

GSP’s face is lumped up. Hendricks presses him against the

GSP back to the jab. He’s getting more comfortable striking.
Good right by GSP.

Hendricks comes back with another left. Head kick by GSP.

They end up in a clinch. Loud “GSP!” chant. Hendricks’ round

10-9 Hendricks — The challenger tattooed GSP a couple times
with that left hand. GSP looked way more smooth on the feet toward
the end of the round and Hendricks slowed down. No idea what will
happen from here.

Round 3

Good leg kick by GSP. Hendricks narrowly misses a knee to the

This is purely a boxing match.

Hendricks is a little tired. Nice right by GSP.

Left hook by GSP. Georges has really never had to come back

Good left by Hendricks. GSP is controlling the striking right
now, though.

Good combo by GSP. And another.

Hendricks shoots in, pushes GSP against the cage. GSP is trying
to stuff it, but he does not. Hendricks on top.

That could be enough to win him the round. GSP gets up. They’re

10-9 GSP — Hendricks might have stole the round late with that
takedown, but I don’t think so. GSP controlled the action standing,
landed more strikes and did more damage.

Round 4

When was the last time GSP only landed one takedown? Unreal.

GSP counterpunching.

GSP slips and Hendricks is in top position. Bad break there.

GSP holding Hendricks in his guard. Elbow from Hendricks. Ground
and pound. Good elbows by Hendricks.

Hendricks lets him up. Weird. GSP is busted open badly. Wow.

Hendricks lands a pair of lefts. Not as powerful as earlier, but

Hendricks has found a second wind here. GSP doesn’t look good at

Big right hand by GSP. He shoots in for a takedown. No dice.
Hendricks is a bull, man.

Hendricks looking for the takedown now. Didn’t get it. A clinch
against the cage. Now or never in this round for Georges.

Hendricks pushes him against the cage. The end will round

10-9 Hendricks — Hendricks got top control and landed some nice
ground and pound. GSP is busted up. Bad cut under his right eye.
This is Johny’s fight right now unless something incredible

Round 5

GSP’s face is all marked up. Hendricks doesn’t have a bruise on
him. Wow.

GSP has to go for broke. Never said that before.

GSP goes for a takedown. Hendricks’ balance is uncanny. Cannot
take the guy down.

Another clinch. Hendricks going for a takedown. I’m sure he’s
cool with staying in this clinch against the cage.

GSP hurts Hendricks with a combo and takes him down. Wow.
Hendricks got a little cocky.

Hendricks sneaks out. GSP has him in a front headlock. Hendricks
is up. Midway through the round now.

More clinching. Time is running out on GSP’s title defense.

Yamasaki breaks them up.

Ninety seconds left now. Can GSP turn it on?

GSP going for a takedown against the cage. Nothing doing here.
But he got him down briefly.

GSP still going for a takedown. You need a finish, dude. Stop
going for a takedown.

GSP grabs for a kimura, but it’s too late. That’s it. The horn

Firas Zahabi picks up GSP likes he won. What?

10-9 GSP, 48-47 Hendricks — We should have a new champion.
Hendricks did more damage throughout, couldn’t be taken down and
pretty much dictated the entire fight. Let’s see if the judges

Official Result: Georges St-Pierre defeats Johny Hendricks by
Split Decision (48-47, 47-48, 48-47)