Bones’ UFC 165 prefight interview

UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones is currently tied with

Tito Ortiz for most consecutive title defenses in the LHW division.

‘Bones’ aims to break that record on Saturday with a decisive win

over Alexander Gustafsson in Toronto.

“A lot of people have said I’ve never faced anyone like him,”

Jones said in his

target="_blank">UFC 165 pre-fight interview. “The truth of the

matter is: He’s never faced anything close to me.”

Indeed, the youngest champion in UFC history—with a 100%

takedown defense still firmly intact—has been a code his

fellow light heavyweights have yet to crack. If Jones has had one

weakness, it’s been a lack of one-punch KO power. As his interview

might suggest, he aims to put this perception to rest on


“I’m really excited to prove to people that I’m one of the best

strikers in the division.”

Live UFC 165 coverage begins Saturday, September 21 at 8/5pm

ET/PT on


Sports 1, followed by the main card on PPV.