Anderson Silva: By the numbers

Anderson Silva is regarded by most UFC fans as the greatest MMA fighter to ever live. While picking a "greatest of all-time" generally comes down to personal preference, Silva’s spot at the top of the mountain is backed up by cold, hard facts. Quite simply, the stats that "The Spider" has managed to put up in his UFC career are absolutely staggering. For those picking Chris Weidman to defeat Silva (Looking at you, GSP) at UFC 162, you may want to think again.

Let’s have the numbers do the talking, shall we?

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0: UFC losses.

1.41: Significant strikes absorbed per minute.

3: Number of successful takedowns completed in his 16 UFC appearances.

3: Number of fights (and wins) since Weidman debuted in the UFC.

4: Career losses.

4: Number of divisions added to the UFC since Silva won the middleweight title at UFC 64.

5: Number of consecutive fights Silva has finished.

7: First round finishes.

9:07: Average fight time.

10: Number of consecutive title defenses.

11: Number of UFC title fights.

14: Number of finishes in the UFC.

16: Number of UFC wins.

17: Number of consecutive victories heading into UFC 162.

28: Number of fighters to hold UFC titles since Silva won the middleweight belt at UFC 64.

33: Career MMA wins.

35: Number of rounds (in whole or in part) Silva has fought in the UFC.

38: Silva’s age.

61.4: Winning percentage of Silva’s 14 UFC opponents.

67: Significant Striking accuracy percentage.

70: Percentage of takedowns defended.

77.5: Silva’s reach, in inches.

78: Percentage of takedowns completed.

121-76: UFC record for Silva’s 14 opponents.

248: Significant strikes absorbed over Silva’s 16 UFC appearances.

475: Significant strikes landed by Silva in his UFC career.

2,444: Number of days Silva has been middleweight champion, as of Friday, June 28.

Not feeling so good about Weidman anymore, are you?