Bent fears United will land Ash

Young has only one year remaining of his current contract at Villa
and is being linked with a move to either Manchester United or
Liverpool. But Bent hopes Young can stay for at least one more
season at Villa as the duo prepare to meet up next week for
England’s Euro 2012 qualifier against Switzerland at Wembley on
June 4. Villa’s record signing Bent said: “Every day I’m in
Ashley’s ear going ‘please just give us one more year, one more
year, one more year!’ “I’m sure when we’re away with England, I’ll
be giving it the same. “Ashley has been fantastic for Aston Villa.
There’s not one person who could say that he hasn’t served his time
here in the last four or five years. “He’s won club award after
club award. I think he’s been fantastic and if we could get another
year out of him – or two years – then it would be brilliant.” Bent
concedes that the lure of Champions League football – if Young
signs for United – would be hard to resist. He said: “When you’ve
got teams like Manchester United and other Champions League sides
coming in for him, then it makes it very difficult. “But if we can
keep hold of him, I’ll be delighted. I don’t know if it’s a done
deal yet. “It’s about ambitions at the end of the day. When
Manchester United and Chelsea and those kind of clubs come calling
it makes it difficult. “I don’t know whether the other players have
been trying to convince Ashley to stay but I know I have! “Every
day I’m on at him asking him to stay. He’ll probably try to get
away from me! But he’s been fantastic and I really hope we can keep
him.” Liverpool are also reportedly interested in Young, who cost
Villa £9.65million when he arrived from Watford in January