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NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 31647411 Let the good times roll Let+the+good+times+roll NFL

Vince Young definitely has some company when it comes to athletes who enjoy spending money a little too much. Since we're in the midst of tax season, here's a look at some other notorious high rollers, and what they're up to after spending most of their hard-earned cash or finding themselves in hot water with the IRS.

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Steve Mitchell - USA TODAY Sports
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 31647414 Terrell Owens Terrell+Owens NFL

Terrell Owens seems to be hurting now that he's out of the spotlight. Bad investments and unscrupulous business managers have the former NFL wideout (his last team?) in a tight financial situation.

Bing: His latest attempt to recover financially?
Search: Watch his over-the-top touchdown celebrations

Joe Nicholson - USA TODAY Sports
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 31647417 Eddy Curry Eddy+Curry NFL

Eddy Curry reportedly amassed a fortune of more than $70 million playing in the NBA, but a series of bad financial decisions left him in a tight financial spot.

Bing: How is Curry coping with his situation?
Search: Tragedy for the NBA champ

Mike Ehrmann - Getty Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 31647419 Barry Bonds Barry+Bonds NFL

You'd think that the allegations surrounding Barry Bonds' steroid use would be enough to put him in the public's doghouse. But what else has the ESPY-award winner been charged with in the past?

Bing: He fought these charges in 2009
Search: Fans are still talking about the Hall of Fame
Find: A recent 'honor'

Justin Sullivan - Getty Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 31647421 Pete Rose Pete+Rose NFL

Pete Rose (his Playboy model girlfriend?) was a guaranteed Hall of Famer until allegations of betting on baseball ruined his career and image. Rose continued his slide when he filed a false tax income return in 1990. Rose was sentenced to time in a correctional facility, fined (how much?) and ordered to do community service.

Bing: You'll see Rose on TLC these days
Search: You can also see him here
Find: What's Pete Rose Jr. up to?

Mitchell Layton - Getty Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 31647423 Helio Castroneves Helio+Castroneves NFL

Helio Castroneves is used to the spotlight. As a star IndyCar driver and a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars" (watch clips of him competing), Castroneves has long been in the limelight. But back in 2009, the driver found himself in the news for the wrong reasons.

Bing: What went wrong for the star?
Search: The latest on how he's doing now

Chris Trotman - Getty Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 31647424 OJ Simpson OJ+Simpson NFL

Despite his famous acquittal in 1995 (get details on the trial), the Hall of Fame running back (see photos) became a media pariah. Most Americans believed he literally got away with murder. He lost the subsequent civil suit (get details), his promising acting career ended abruptly, and his endorsement deals disappeared.

Bing: His attempt at reality TV
Search: His tell-all book

Issac Brekken-Pool - Getty Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 31647427 Jesse Owens Jesse+Owens+ NFL

Following his historic performance in the 1936 Olympics, Jesse Owens found himself in financial difficulty when he returned stateside.

Bing: What happened to Owens?
Search: How did he recover?

- AP Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 31327506 Rulon Gardner Rulon+Gardner NFL

Olympian Rulon Gardner, who won a gold and a bronze in Greco-Roman wrestling at the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney, found post-Olympic fame on the 11th season of the hit NBC reality weight loss show "The Biggest Loser" (watch clips of him on the show).

Bing:How much did he lose while on the show

Search:Did he finish the season?
Find:What is his current financial state?

Sean Garnsworthy - Getty Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 31330301 Michael Vick Michael+Vick NFL

A 2008 bankruptcy filing may have been the least of Michael Vick's problems at the time. His financial problems were in part the result of huge legal bills and lost endorsements after his involvement in a dog-fighting ring was discovered.

Bing: What about the quarterback's $37 million bonus?
Search: Get the latest on his bankruptcy

Matthew Emmons - USA TODAY Sports
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 30122373 Travis Henry Travis+Henry NFL

Travis Henry gets around: He has 11 kids by 10 "baby mamas." Unfortunately for Travis, kids aren't cheap. Now, his financial situation might not be so bad, if he had lived up to his end of his Bronco bargain (how much would he have gotten?).

Bing: What caused Henry to drop the ball on his contract?

NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 31330300 Sheryl Swoopes Sheryl+Swoopes NFL

Sheryl Swoopes, a three-time Olympic gold medalist and the first player signed by the WNBA, filed for bankruptcy in 2004 after rolling up a $700,000 debt.

Bing: What do experts estimate her total loss to be?

Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE - Getty Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 30128182 Lawrence Taylor Lawrence+Taylor NFL

While he played in the NFL, Lawrence Taylor had a larger-than-life personality. After his retirement, L.T. continued to enjoy his celebrity life to the fullest. How? Women, drugs and alcohol.

Bing: Trouble with the IRS?
Search: His time behind bars
Find: Bankruptcy for the former linebacker

Mike Powell /Allsport - Getty Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 30124449 Marion Jones Marion+Jones+ NFL

Marion Jones stood strong for quite a while. We just didn't know that some of that strength came by way of steroids. After she "enhanced" her way to Olympic gold, Jones admitted that she took banned substances and lied about it (get details). Bad move, Marion. Cheaters never win.

Bing: How has she paid for her mistakes?

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE -
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 30124451 Scottie Pippen Scottie+Pippen++ NFL

Scottie Pippen made his millions on the basketball court and not on Wall Street, for obvious reasons. To spread his money around, the former Chicago Bull invested in different business ventures.

Bing: What's one business investment Pippen lost on?

Search: His malpractice lawsuit concerning the deal

Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-US PRESSWIRE -
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 30122368 Scott Eyre Scott+Eyre NFL

Scott Eyre lost a boatload of money when the economy took a turn for the worse. We generally don't think of professional athletes being in a bind when it comes to spending cash, but Eyre ran so low on funds that he had to ask the Phillies to front him some of the money he was due to earn.

Bing: Get details on the fraud Eyre fell victim to

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images - Getty Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 30128181 Raghib “Rocket” Ismail Raghib+%26ldquo%3BRocket%26rdquo%3B+Ismail NFL

Some people fall prey to "get rich quick" schemes. They're usually short on cash and not thinking clearly. Rocket Ismail was already rich and an easy target for people looking for investors to buy into their schemes (what's one thing Ismail was talked into spending money on?).

Bing: How's Ismail's reportedly recovered from his bad investments?

Doug Pensinger/ALLSPORT - USA TODAY Sports
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 30124448 Latrell Sprewell Latrell+Sprewell+ NFL

"I've got my family to feed." Remember that quote from Latrell Sprewell, a response to why he rejected a multi-million dollar contract offer? We're sure Spree wishes he had that money now (what's happened?).

Bing: What's one potential reason Sprewell's finances are in such a mess?

Lisa Blumenfeld - Getty Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 31016561 Warren Sapp Warren+Sapp NFL

Former All-Pro defensive tackle Warren Sapp reportedly made $60 million during his career, and he nets six figures as an NFL Network analyst. But throwing money into overpriced mansions and an overwhelming number of sneakers (how many pairs does he reportedly have?) dried that up pretty quick.

Bing: What's his net worth today?
Search: His recent on-air outburst

Kirby Lee/Image of Sport - USA TODAY Sports
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 30124447 Kenny Anderson Kenny+Anderson+ NFL

Kenny Anderson started in the NBA during the age of mega-contracts and big ballers (both on and off the court). The point guard took advantage of his outrageous salary (how much did he make?) to live in the limelight. Like many who are unprepared for extravagant wealth, Anderson did too much spending and not nearly enough saving.

Bing: What did Anderson do after blowing through his cash?
Search: What is Anderson's net worth today?

Jed Jacobsohn - Getty Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 30122369 Evander Holyfield Evander+Holyfield NFL

If only Evander Holyfield could have found a money-making enterprise like former boxer George Foreman's Foreman Grills. With 11 kids, some of that extra cash could come in handy.

Bing: How much does Holyfield reportedly owe in child support?

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE Copyright © 2007 Ed Mulholland - USA TODAY Sports
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 31013924 Mark Brunell Mark+Brunell+ NFL

Mark Brunell raked in the cash as a quarterback, but lost piles of it as a businessman. It was reported that he and several co-investors defaulted on several property loans.

Bing: What's once franchise that he backed?
Search: His financial situation today?

Howard Smith - USA TODAY Sports
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 30124450 Muhsin Muhammad Muhsin+Muhammad+ NFL

Credit doesn't last forever. When it comes time to pay up and you don't have the money, trouble (like Muhsin Muhammad's) ensues.

Bing: What forced Muhammad to sell his assets?

Rex Brown - Getty Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 30122370 Deuce McAllister Deuce+McAllister NFL

Apparently Deuce McAllister was much better at running for touchdowns with the New Orleans Saints than he was at running a car dealership (where was it?).

Bing: What happened to McAllister's business venture?

John David Mercer-US PRESSWIRE - USA TODAY Sports
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 30122371 Rollie Fingers Rollie+Fingers NFL

Would you bank your retirement savings on a pistachio farm? How about Arabian horses? Rollie Fingers (see his legendary handlebar throughout the years) did, and it turned out as you might have expected -- disastrously. Deep in debt, Fingers returned to the working world again to get himself out of the hole.

Bing: What's one thing Fingers has done to dig himself out of debt?

NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 30125575 Jack Clark Jack+Clark NFL

Jack Clark clearly never heard the adage "Everything in moderation." There was nothing moderate about the way Clark lived his life. With cars (how many did he own?) being the least of his expensive habits, the money eventually ran out.

Bing: How's Clark coping today?

Andy Hayt/Getty Images - Getty Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 30128180 Johnny Unitas Johnny+Unitas NFL

Johnny Unitas was a standard-bearer for NFL quarterbacks back when the game wasn't built for prolific passers. While he is definitely accepted as one of the best NFL quarterbacks, his business sense isn't on the same plane as his athletic ability.

Bing: Where did Unitas' earnings go?
Search: A sad result prior to his 2002 death

Tony Tomsic/Getty Images - Getty Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 30758246 Lenny Dykstra Lenny+Dykstra NFL

Former Mets center fielder Lenny Dykstra was sentenced last year to three years in state prison for a grand theft auto charge. In 2009, he filed for bankruptcy, claiming he owed more than $31 million and had only $50,000 in assets. Federal prosecutors said that after filing, Dykstra hid, sold or destroyed more than $400,000 worth of items from his $18.5 million mansion (which he purchased from Wayne Gretzky).

Bing: What was Dykstra's biggest mistake?
Search: He pled guilty to multiple charges in July 2012
Find: More prison time for the former center fielder?

Nick Ut - AP Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 30124452 Mike Tyson Mike+Tyson NFL

Former boxing champion Mike Tyson enjoyed the good life when he ruled the heavyweight boxing world (watch clips of him in action). Unfortunately, Tyson also has been the poster boy for how life can careen out of control when athletes have too much fame and too much money.

Bing: Tyson's attempts to recover from his overspending
Search: His net worth today

Mandatory Credit: Noah K. Murray/The Star-Ledger via US PRESSWIRE -
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 31359055 Bobby Orr Bobby+Orr NFL

Bobby Orr is one of the legendary figures in hockey. Despite being handsomely rewarded for his talents, once Orr retired he found himself in a tough financial position.

Bing: What was the cause?
Search: What is his net worth today?

Brian Babineau - Getty Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 31362372 Antoine Walker Antoine+Walker NFL

During the height of his career, Antoine Walker lived the high life. After walking away from basketball, Walker's relationship with his former fiancée crumbled, and Walker squandered most of the money he had made while playing in the NBA.

Bing: What did Walker spend most of his money on?
Search: Consequences for his over spending

David Calvert - Getty Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 31361802 Darren McCarty Darren+McCarty NFL

Darren McCarty was a high-profile player during his 13-year NHL career. After retiring, however, he racked up debt and was forced to file for bankruptcy.

Bing: Where did McCarty's money go?
Search: The latest on his financial state

Gerry Thomas - Getty Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 31361801 Denny McLain Denny+McLain NFL

After Denny McLain's baseball career came to a close (when was he last traded?), the ex-pitcher fell on hard financial times. Since then, McLain has filed for several bankruptcies.

Bing: What's to blame for McLain's lack of funds

Louis Requena - Getty Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 31362371 Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario Arantxa+Sanchez-Vicario NFL

When a family argues over money, things rarely turn out well. In this unfortunate scenario, Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario claims her parents are responsible for squandering her tennis earnings. How much does she claim they spent?

Bing: The results of their over spending
Search: Her parent's reaction to the claim

Clive Rose - Getty Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 31362352 Dennis Rodman Dennis+Rodman NFL

Retired NBA forward Dennis Rodman has always been known for his flamboyant lifestyle (see photos of the over-the-top player), one that has become less glamorous as of late.

Bing: What has Rodman recently gone to court for?

Matt King - Getty Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 31362354 Allen Iverson Allen+Iverson NFL

Allen Iverson reportedly made more than $150 million playing professional basketball. After a disappointing end to his NBA career, Iverson reportedly has had cash-flow issues ever since.

Bing: Where has much of the former All-Star's money gone?
Search: A recent business venture will hopefully get the player back on his feet

Howard Smith - USA TODAY Sports
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 31362355 John Daly John+Daly NFL

John Daly, who won the 1991 PGA Championship and the 1995 British Open, has taken home a fair amount of winnings playing golf over the years.

Bing: What has he admitted to using a large chunk of that nest egg on?

AP Photo/John Raoux - AP Images
NFL 5 43 Athletes who went bankrupt 31362357 Diego Maradona Diego+Maradona NFL

Diego Maradona is celebrated as a soccer legend (see photos of the man fans call "God"), but struggling financially. The Argentine team manager and former player is still working to pay back taxes, after setting world-record contract fees twice (for how much?) during his career.

Bing: How much does Maradona owe the Italian government?

Allsport UK - Getty Images
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