Bonneville Salt Flats - It’s one of the fastest place on Earth. Bonneville Salt Flats has beckoned speed lovers for generations. It’s the perfect place to open our show and test our competitor’s appetite for acceleration. It’s flat, wide open and blazing hot. We put our competitors through their paces in two very different challenges on this vast and unique surface.

Las Vegas - Just how tough are our drivers? This course will push them as they traverse some of the most rugged desert terrain in North America. Just miles away from the comforts of glamorous Las Vegas, our 3rd challenge is set at the location of the original Mint 400 course.

Pike’s Peak - Curving with dangerous hairpin turns and no guard rails, Pikes Peak will test Rhys and Tommy’s focus and daring as they navigate some of the most dangerous stretches of road in the world. At an altitude of over 14,000’, we take our drivers to new heights and raise the stakes in our competition.

Daytona - Speed, with a twist. We push our drivers in their 5th and final challenge...but it’s not what you’d expect. This revered race course dates to the beginnings of auto racing in the United States. Now, we’ll use the oval and throw some curve balls at Tommy and Rhys as they contend with creative adjustments we’ve made to the race course to showcase their ability to adapt to new circumstances.