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Boxing 209 43 Most Embarrassing Sports Records 31771650 Most penalty minutes by a goalie Most+penalty+minutes+by+a+goalie Boxing

Hockey goalies don't usually rack up a ton of penalty minutes - but former Philadelphia Flyers goalie Ron Hextall didn't let that statistic get in his way. From 1986 to 1999, Hextall fought his way to get the record of penalty minutes while becoming a Philly fan favorite.

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Boxing 209 43 Most Embarrassing Sports Records 31774116 Can't buy a win Can%27t+buy+a+win Boxing

The 2008 NFL season might be one that Detroit Lions fans would love to forget. The team struggled through every single game that year, becoming the only team in NFL history with this particular dubious distinction.

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Boxing 209 43 Most Embarrassing Sports Records 31751638 Most consecutive losses Most+consecutive+losses Boxing

Losing streaks are never fun, especially when the streak lasts for almost a decade. The Prairie View A&M Panthers toiled in futility from 1989 until 1998, setting an NCAA Division I record with consecutive losses. That's one record not worth bragging about.

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Jerry Laizure - AP Images
Boxing 209 43 Most Embarrassing Sports Records 31781167 Most career walks Most+career+walks Boxing

Baseball fans count pitcher Nolan Ryan as one of the greatest players in MLB history, so his inclusion in a roundup of embarrassing sports records might confuse some. Nolan is most remembered for his 324 wins and 5,714 strikeouts — but his career walks make him a prime candidate for this list.

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Stephen Dunn - Getty Images
Boxing 209 43 Most Embarrassing Sports Records 31774117 Longest coaching suspension Longest+coaching+suspension Boxing

In the wake of the Bounty gate scandal that engulfed the New Orleans Saints' 2012 season, Sean Payton received the longest suspension handed down to an NFL coach.

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Derick E. Hingle - USA TODAY Sports
Boxing 209 43 Most Embarrassing Sports Records 31771644 Most consecutive missed field goals Most+consecutive+missed+field+goals Boxing

How many field goals should an NBA player be allowed to miss before the coach asks him to stop shooting? If you're former Golden State Warriors player Tim Hardaway, then you won't like this answer. Hardaway added insult to injury by finishing the 1991 season at a real low.

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Boxing 209 43 Most Embarrassing Sports Records 31751637 NHL's stern reprimand NHL%27s+stern+reprimand Boxing

Hockey is a sport that embraces tough play. However, in 1927, Montreal Canadiens defenseman Billy Coutu took that credo a step too far when he attacked a referee. Coutu holds the distinction of being the only NHL player to receive this punishment. In the aftermath, Coutu never played in the NHL again.

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Montreal Canadiens - Special to
Boxing 209 43 Most Embarrassing Sports Records 31773222 Most consecutive NBA losses Most+consecutive+NBA+losses Boxing

The 2010-11 Cleveland Cavaliers broke the NBA record for most consecutive losses in a season. Holding that record is bad enough, but it becomes even worse when fans realize that the previous record was held by - the 1982 Cleveland Cavaliers! That is the definition of a gut punch for a historically troubled franchise.

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David Richard - USA TODAY Sports
Boxing 209 43 Most Embarrassing Sports Records 31752900 Worst record in NBA history Worst+record+in+NBA+history Boxing

Sixers fans rejoiced following the 2011-2012 NBA season. After the 1972-1973 Sixers turned in a 9-73 season, many fans believed that dismal winning percentage would never be matched. Enter the 2011-2012 Charlotte Bobcats. The Bobcats accomplished something nobody expected - they became the worst team in NBA history. Despite the fact that a lockout shortened the 2011-2012 season, the Bobcats won just a few games. The team's .106 winning percentage now stands as the worst by a professional basketball team.

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Sam Sharpe - USA TODAY Sports
Boxing 209 43 Most Embarrassing Sports Records 31754273 Most sacks in a season Most+sacks+in+a+season Boxing

Sometimes quarterbacks get sacked through no fault of their own. However, when a quarterback is sacked as many times as former Houston Texans quarterback David Carr was in 2002, everyone shares part of the blame.

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Preston Mack - USA TODAY Sports
Boxing 209 43 Most Embarrassing Sports Records 31781169 Biggest college football loss Biggest+college+football+loss Boxing

Prior to the 1916 college football season, Cumberland folded its football team, but due to a scheduling obligation, they needed to suit up once more to play against Georgia Tech or risk a $3,000 fine. Cumberland's baseball team had run up the score 22-0 on GT earlier that year, so Tech head coach John Heisman wanted to teach Cumberland a lesson. Tech led 126-0 at halftime, but Heisman didn't take his foot off the gas. The GT quarterback passed for nearly 1,000 yards, and Cumberland was thoroughly embarrassed in the most lopsided college game in history.

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Boxing 209 43 Most Embarrassing Sports Records 31777503 Most NASCAR races without a win Most+NASCAR+races+without+a+win Boxing

There's something to be said for one's longevity in his respective sport, even if he doesn't achieve much success. NASCAR racer J.D. McDuffie was a fan favorite because he was a driver/owner for much of his career, but that didn't translate to success on the track. In a career spanning from 1963 to 1991, McDuffie failed to win a single race. He was killed in the NASCAR Watkins Glen race in 1991 at the age of 52 and never broke into the win column.

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Boxing 209 43 Most Embarrassing Sports Records 31777504 Most errors in a career Most+errors+in+a+career Boxing

Herman Long may not be a household name among baseball fans, but his name was often cursed during his MLB career between 1889 and 1904. A shortstop with Kansas City, Boston, New York, Detroit and Philadelphia, Long committed an astronomical number of errors in his career. Though he never once had more errors than games played in a season, he came close with 117 miscues in 137 games in his rookie season.

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Boxing 209 43 Most Embarrassing Sports Records 31777506 Most technical fouls in a season Most+technical+fouls+in+a+season Boxing

Any basketball fan will tell you that Rasheed Wallace was a volatile player during his NBA career. Though known for his sound defensive presence and fierce competitive nature, Wallace also was known for allowing his temper to get the best of him all too often. In 2000-01, "Sheed" set the NBA's single-season record for technical fouls — eclipsing the mark he set the previous season.

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Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE - Getty Images
Boxing 209 43 Most Embarrassing Sports Records 31777507 Most career ejections Most+career+ejections Boxing

If you're a fan of the MLB's Atlanta Braves, you've grown accustomed to seeing manager Bobby Cox climb the steps out of the dugout and storm onto the field with a menacing glare. Umpires are used to that look too and have responded by sending Cox to have an early shower. Though he's ranked fourth on baseball's all-time managerial wins list and has been an MLB manager of the year four times, Cox will be remembered just as often for being the skipper who has been thrown out once every 29 games.

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Erik S. Lesser - Getty Images
Boxing 209 43 Most Embarrassing Sports Records 31777505 Lowest career +/- rating Lowest+career+%2B%2F-+rating Boxing

Defenseman Robert Stewart was a first-round selection in the NHL's 1970 entry draft and went on to play 575 games in the league. Physical and tough on the blue line, Stewart amassed 27 goals, 101 assists and 809 penalty minutes. However, he is cemented in the NHL record book, at least currently, for a mark of futility.

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Boxing 209 43 Most Embarrassing Sports Records 31777502 Most career interceptions Most+career+interceptions Boxing

The future Hall of Fame quarterback is at the top of this list due in part to his longevity in the game. However, while Favre was a prolific passer, with 464 touchdown passes, he also was pretty inaccurate throughout his career. He led the NFL in interceptions twice and tossed at least 20 picks in six seasons, including his lone season with the Jets. And to top it off, Favre also owns the record for fumbles.

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