Triple H wins Royal Rumble to capture WWE championship


Triple H is WWE Champion, once again.

George Napolitano / FilmMagic

Roman Reigns should have listened to John Mellencamp. When you fight The Authority, The Authority always wins.

That's exactly what  happened Sunday night when The Authority -- Stephanie and Vince McMahon and Triple H -- set the trap for the champion in the Royal Rumble in the Amway Arena in Orlando, Fl.

Reigns entered the 30-man competition first. Triple H, incredibly, was the last person to enter the battle.

And, Triple H was the last person in the ring, capturing the WWE championship by winning the Royal Rumble.

And so, the self-describe King of Kings is Lord of the WWE Ring for the 14th time.

In other matches, Dean Ambrose, who was the next-to-last wrestler to exit the Rumble, downed Kevin Owens in a sensational bout.

Kalisto regained the U.S. title by upending Alberto Del Rio.

The New Day and Charlotte kept their titles.

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