Oritz allegedly leaks video of Jameson

Jenna Jameson, the former porn star and ex of UFC hall-of-famer
Tito Ortiz, was caught on leaked surveillance video from her own
home, allegedly drinking, taking pills and smashing cameras in
front of her kids.

Ortiz called attention to the footage on Friday, retweeting the
following post from Las Vegas model Ashlee Davis. Ortiz
un-retweeted Davis’ post shortly thereafter.

The action starts in the video at 3:35 when Jameson pulls a
bottle of an unidentified liquid from behind her nightstand.

Jameson told Radar Online that the bottle was
Pellegrino sparkling water rather than alcohol or anything else
that could be deemed harmful to herself or those around her.

Jameson went on to tell Radar that Ortiz leaked the videos to
the public.

At 8:55 of the video, Jameson walks over with a step ladder and
begins smashing the surveillance cameras with a hammer. The last
one, out on the deck, took her about three minutes until she just
gave up and unplugged it.

“The footage that was taken, I have no idea that there
were cameras in the house and then I finally found out through my
nanny, she told me,” Jameson said, according to Radar.
“And I was livid. Because it’s illegal. You cannot do
that. You cannot film someone without them knowing. So I brought a
ladder up, and I smashed them.”

Most of the footage appears to come from this past March and
summer 2012. Jameson and Ortiz, a former UFC light heavyweight
champion, split up in May. Ortiz claims he has full custody of
their children, but Jameson denies that.
Ortiz tweeted last week that she hasn’t seen
them in five months

Jameson ripped Ortiz regularly on a recent press tour promoting
her new book “Sugar.” Of course, she didn’t
exactly come off that great, since at least
one of those interviews had to be cut short
because she was mostly unintelligible

“I’m not talking about him,” Jameson said to
Radar. “I don’t care about him. He obviously still
cares about me.”

There has to be future reality show in here somewhere.